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Telepathy support in Qt Extended - soon in main Qt?

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| Recently, Qtopia was renamed as Qt Extended and released in version 4.4
| Besides the political interesting questions regarding future Nokia mobile
| devices the new release caught my interest because of a specific feature:
| Telepat[hy] support.
| The recent release of Qt’s Qt Extended was quite interesting because it
| showed that Nokia is supporting the further development of this mobile device
| framework - which means that we might expect future Nokia devices using Qt
| Extended. Given the current situation regarding the iPhone and Google Android
| on the one hand and the large community of Qt/KDE developers on the other
| hand Qt Extended might be a valid option for Nokia for future devices.


"I have never known much good done by those who affected to trade for the
public good."

--Adam Smith


Nokia launches Linux-based Qt Extended mobile platform

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| Nokia announced today the launch of Qt Extended 4.4, a complete mobile and
| embedded development platform based on the open source Qt toolkit. It is
| designed with a modular architecture that provides building blocks for
| assembling a Linux-based software stack for various embedded devices ranging
| from phones to set-top boxes.


Qt Software Introduces a New Release of Qt Extended, a Software Development
Platform for Consumer Electronics

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| Qt Software today announced that Qtopia, a platform for creating user
| interfaces and applications for advanced consumer electronics based on Linux,
| has been renamed and launched as Qt Extended 4.4.
| Qt enables developers to build innovative services and applications once and
| then extend the innovation across all major desktop, mobile and other
| embedded platforms without rewriting the code. Qt Extended extends the Qt
| application development framework, bringing increased functionality to
| embedded Linux. Qt Extended inherits the Qt WebKit Integration, which helps
| device manufacturers enrich applications with live web content such as online
| maps, music stores and instant messaging.

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