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Wal-Mart Drops DRM Servers, Customers Lose Music

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| To those of you who were loyal early adopters of Wal-Mart's music download
| service, Wal-Mart has a message for you: Say goodbye to your music. Since
| February Wal-Mart has offered only DRM-free songs for download, but before
| that customers of Wal-Mart's service could download songs encoded with DRM.
| BoingBoing picked up an e-mail Wal-Mart sent to its customers saying the DRM
| servers will be shut down on October 9, making it impossible for customers to
| transfer their DRM encoded music to a music device or another PC after that
| date.



Why Android could hurt Itunes

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| Amazon MP3 launched a year ago with an online music catalogue listing more
| than two million songs from more than 180,000 artists and 20,000 labels,
| including EMI Music and Universal.



A Linux User's Perspective on the ITunes Store (and DRM in General)

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| What if tomorrow you went to Best Buy or Walmart or Sam Goody and purchased a
| CD? What if, before you left the store, the salesman told you that although
| the CD was in all other respects a standard CD, that you could only play it
| if you owned a Pioneer or Sony stereo? Would that make any sense? Would it
| make you a bit hesitant about buying music from that store again?
| Well, if you purchase music or videos from the iTunes Store,
| [...]
| With content from the iTunes Store, however, users may find themselves a bit
| stuck if they ever want to make the switch to a more open computing platform,
| such as Linux. Because none of the DRM-restricted content from the iTunes
| Store will play on Linux. And it's all because that's how Apple wants it, to
| be honest, and not because of any technical limitation.


Apple's latest trick to enforce digital rights

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| [...]
| With this version of iTunes, users were finding that music
| subjected to the old download-burn-rip would no longer
| load onto their iPods.

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