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So, what am I doing with OpenSolaris?

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| Since feng requires FFmpeg to build, I’ve also spent quite a lot of time
| trying to get FFmpeg to build on OpenSolaris, first with GCC, then with Sun
| Studio, then again with GCC and a workaround with PIC: the bug I noted above
| with binutils is that GNU ld doesn’t seem to be able to create a shared
| object out of object not compiled with PIC, so it requires -fPIC to be forced
| on for them to build, otherwise the undefined symbols for some functions,
| like htonl() become absolute symbols with value 0 which cause obvious linking
| errors


Top 10 open source s/w support issues

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| "Open source software is a marketplace in which anyone can participate and it
| is that openness that creates one of the biggest challenges to support," said
| Byron Sebastian, CEO of SourceLabs. "The fundamental way open source is
| developed and disseminated translates into a very broad distribution of
| demand, a broad distribution of development talent and, by extension, more
| potential solutions and approaches to solve problems. Yet this very 'long
| tail' creates a very broad set of specific problems and multiple solutions
| that are increasingly difficult to locate. SourceLabs' Self-Support search
| technology makes this extremely long tail work for users by finding very
| specific fixes to their very specific issues using advanced algorithms and
| filtering technologies."



Crystal Ball Sunday #2: OpenSolaris vs. Linux

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| My first prediction is that there will be sizable battle waged between the
| two in the Press and in IT labs alike. I foresee a lot of debate going back
| and forth about the two operating systems, their pros, their cons, and the
| stalwarts in both camps. This is going to be somewhat of a religious battle
| so prepare yourselves accordingly.
| Second, and perhaps more important, is the license that both operating
| systems will eventually live under. Linus Torvalds opposes GPL3 and currently
| refuses to allow the kernel to be governed by it. OpenSolaris was released
| under the CDDL (Common Development and Distribution License).
| I think the first one of these operating systems that is releases under GPL3
| will probably gain widespread acceptance with developers, corporations, and
| adopters. The reason is that most of the other open source apps released
| under GPL3 will receive vigorous adoption and development by the kernel that
| also matches that license.


The LXF Test: OpenSolaris 2008.05

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| Why bother?
| Well, one good reason is "because playing with alternative OSes is fun"! More
| seriously: ZFS has some very good features, notably the concept of using
| pools rather than restricting filesystems to a particular physical device;
| and the snapshotting capabilities. I can also see the advantages of the SMF
| approach to service management - although after many years of dealing
| with /etc/init.d I fear it would take me a while to change my habits!
| Belenix is a distribution of OpenSolaris that
| includes whizzy Compiz 3D effects


Dabbling in OpenSolaris

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| None of that is probably very exciting for experience Solaris admins, but for
| me it certainly was. OpenSolaris is really neat in that way. I hope that it
| has a good future, since competition is always good for the end user. There
| are some good ideas in Solaris, which can inspire GNU/Linux as well. In the
| meantime, I hope that open source projects continue to be ported to
| OpenSolaris, since as usual, the availability of software really makes or
| breaks the success of a platform.

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