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The BeBook eBook Reader is a great device

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| Quick specs overview:
| * Supports pdf, mobi, prc, epub, lit, txt, fb2, doc, html, rtf, djvu,
| wol, ppt, mbp, chm, bmp, jpg, png, gif, tif, rar, zip, and mp3 formats.
| * Open software standard with free lifetime firmware updates.
| * Linux


If it's a book reader, it's probably Linux. De facto.


Amazon's Kindle 2 leaked

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| After rumors surfaced on the Web a few months back that a new Kindle might be
| on the way, Amazon.com did its best to shoot them down, saying a new Kindle
| was not coming this year. Well, Boy Genius Report has gotten ahold of some
| photos that appear to be the Kindle 2, so we're curious what Amazon has to
| say now.


Throwing the book at today's computing needs

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| You may want to take advantage of free online applications readily available
| in the Linux world, or use Google's free online word processor. Most also
| have webcams.


iRex iLiad e-Reader: Linux's Answer to the Kindle?

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| David Chisnall jumped on the E Ink bandwagon with a Linux-based iRex iLiad.
| After spending a while using the device, he has some interesting perspectives
| to share.
| A few weeks ago, I bought a new toy. A lot of my work involves reading—mainly
| research papers—and I justified the purchase to myself by saying it was to
| make this task easier. The new toy was an iRex iLiad, one of a new category
| of device that emerged when E Ink hit the commercial market.

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