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Nintendo and the Windows Mindset

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| Since you can have up to four players in a game, simply shutting down and
| saving player stats can take 17 separate steps - all of which could be
| bypassed through a single “Save and Quit” choice.
| All of this block and prompt nonsense became the one right way to do
| programming soon after Microsoft Windows 3.0 came out - and has been obsolete
| pretty much since Windows 2000. What happened then was that Microsoft
| leveraged a human perceptual bug in its Windows 3.0 design: putting up
| sharply delineated window frames quickly and in primary colors while taking
| considerable time to fill those in with pastels and text made people think
| their computers were much faster than they really were.
| As a result programmers quickly learned that popping up small boxes asking
| for user input made their applications seem “snappy” to reviewers and other
| deeply committed PC people who wouldn’t regularly use them -and so today we
| have an otherwise fun Nintendo game that takes five steps to start and either
| four or five to save a character before shutdown.



Changing operating systems requires a change in mindset

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| The mind-shift for new Linux users is to use the Package Manager to find,
| download and install software, instead of using Google or just going directly
| to a website. Whilst the Package Manager won't cover every piece of software
| you might want to install, it will cover the vast majority and should always
| be the first place you begin to look.
| The same can be said for driver installations. In a modern Linux
| distribution, drivers for most devices are already included.

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