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The extents of Open Source Microsoft Licenses.

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| So where does this leave us? GNOME has been encumbered with Microsoft
| patents. Microsoft clearly has no regard for anyone's intellectual property,
| albeit their own, and will stop at nothing to gain control or draw the life
| from new innovations in order to keep afloat their failing ideal. What can we
| do about it?
| Abandon Microsoft entirely, abandon their attempts at 'open source' and give
| complete non-compliance. Through all their underhanded tricks and lies there
| remains one feature inherent to all capitalistic business:



Microsoft taints open source CodePlex well

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| Microsoft is posting code to its much-trumpeted CodePlex open-source projects
| site using licenses and conditions that go against the principles of open
| source.
| The company has been posting projects under Microsoft licenses that stop you
| from running CodePlex projects on non-Windows platforms or restrict access to
| code.



[April 1st] Mono to be renamed as Duo

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| Mr de Icaza told those assembled that he had always had a dual purpose in
| starting the project - to provide an implementation of Microsoft's .NET
| development framework so that Linux developers could enjoy the wonderful
| programming tools built in Redmond and also to ensure that in future Linux
| became so integrated with Microsoft that it would not be possible to pull the
| two apart. * *


Miguel, Mono and Microsoft

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| is Mono's role in the deal that of a hook to make customers write
| .NET applications because they can be run on Linux - only to find
| later on that they are armless or legless because of a change in
| the .NETspecifications, a change which Microsoft decides not to
| make public?
| [...]
| And here we have an individual who decides to replicate one of
| the proprietary company's development environments - for reasons
| best known to him alone - and keeps telling people that the reason
| he's doing it is so that he can pull people over from the
| proprietary company's side to his side!!!


Mono? Mono!

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| Note the lack of good faith:
| *Nobody said that "GNOME depends on Mono"; rather, Mono is pushed into GNOME,
| *distros are installing Tomboy and F-Spot and Beagle by default, and users
| *are intoxicated to believe that they can't live without Mono! *
| *"GNOME depends on libbeagle, a Mono program": Sir, we knew that libbeagle is
| *a C library! But why is it there? (Do you need a hint?)
| *"NDesk-DBus is replacing DBus in GNOME": I'm afraid this will happen one
| *day!
| *"Someday soon it will be practically impossible to write any app for GNOME
| *without being forced to use MONO": Yes, this is going to be true! (Alas...)

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