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Editorial: HIMSS Prefers Unacceptable Status Quo

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| Representative 'Pete' Stark recently put forth H.R. 6898 in which federal
| government coordination of open source and Veterans Affairs VistA software
| through the Office of the National Coordinator of Health Information
| Technology (ONCHIT) can occur. Despite the recent formation of an Open Source
| working group within HIMSS, the proprietary vendor dominated Health
| Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) is now officially opposed
| to the open source and VistA aspects of the bill saying that the Federal
| Government has no role in this.



Does HIMSS hate open source?

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| Open source advocate Fred Trotter writes today that HIMSS, the representative
| for the medical IT industry, is just a lobby for proprietary software.
| He seems surprised.
| I’m not. Any organization must represent its members, just as a publication
| is expected to advocate for its readers’ interests.
| Even a cursory look at HIMSS’ membership shows it to consist almost entirely
| of proprietary software outfits. In this crowd Microsoft is the “open”
| solution.
| Fred is outraged:
| * * They allow us “Open Source” guys to give talks and even have working
| * * groups because they would be violating their charter if they did not. But
| * * they do not like us. They are terrified of us, and they should be. HIMSS
| * * lives off of the fat in Healthcare IT. Mature proprietary EHR systems
| * * have been around for decades, and they still have 5%-15% penetration.
| * * Why? They are too expensive and too risky.
| It’s as though Captain Renault has just discovered that there is gambling at
| Rick’s American Bar in Casablanca.


Are open source EMRs a threat to HIMSS?

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| For one thing, the market already has WorldVista, the CMS-backed effort to
| create an ambulatory EMR based on the VA's outstanding VistA platform, but
| that's another issue. If HIMSS is deeply opposed to its development, I
| haven't seen any evidence of it. Not only is it open source-based, but
| WorldVista also meets CCHIT standards, which means that non-profit hospitals
| can give it away and not worry about kickback accusations. (Though
| open-source software is free, hospitals might spend some development time
| customizing it, so financial concerns do come into play.)


Will Open Source Breathe New Life Into Health Care Cost Savings?

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| A California bill calls for interoperable records and a full,
| hospital-running health care IT system that's open source. That's music to
| provider Medsphere, which backs OpenVista.


Open Source Software a Booster Shot for Health Care?

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| California Representative Pete Stark introduced the bill on September 15th.
| The particularly intriguing thing is that it isn't just the records that Rep.
| Stark is proposing be in an open, exchangeable format. He is proposing that
| the health information technology system itself be open source, whether it is
| newly created, or based on an existing open source health record system. The
| bill mentions VistA, the health record system used by the U.S. Department of
| Veterans Affairs, as a possible starting place for open source development.
| And indeed, the efforts in this area were started prior to the bill proposal.
| Medsphere has its OpenVista software and a number of specific modules
| developed for different health care settings.


Open-source company targets public health apps

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| Open-source technology proponents launched a project last week to build
| public health and safety applications using the open-source software
| development model.
| The TriSano project, launched Sept. 16 under the auspices of the
| Collaborative Software Initiative, is initially working with Utah state
| officials to develop a system for monitoring and managing disease outbreaks.


Will Kolodner lead industry toward open source?

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| Robert Kolodner, a long-time IT leader for the Veterans Administration, is
| going to be the key man in bringing about a national system of Electronic
| Health Records (EHRs). (Picture from the AARP.)


house.gov 's Health e-IT act of 2008: they want an OS EMR !

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| By my stopwatch, it's been around 11 years since it was obvious that an Open
| Source EMR to rule them all was the way to go. Nice to see the goverment
| actually catch on.


Medsphere.org becomes a forge

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| They are in soft-launch now, and will make a formal announcement soon. The
| new site is far more community-friendly than the old one. Its a critical part
| of the Medsphere strategy to get the VistA community to migrate from Hardhats
| (and the FOIA VistA/WorldVistA that is typically discussed there) to
| medsphere.org and (which centers on OpenVistA).


Open Health Tools gets first big donation

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| Open Health Tools, the open source project launched this spring by Eclipse
| founder Skip McGaughey, has gotten its first big code donation.
| It’s called Open HIE, or Open Health Information Exchange. It consists of
| modules to link a master record to personal information, and to retrieve
| records from known locations.


Hospital software vendor McKesson uses Linux to heal IT budgets

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| At first, convincing hospital executives to go with McKesson's Linux-based
| applications was difficult because of fears that Linux wouldn't be as
| reliable as Unix, which had been in their IT shops for years, Simpson
| said. "It took some time for them to understand that open source is safe,
| that open source has support," he added.
| The deal with Red Hat "really kicked the program into gear," he said,
| allowing McKesson to offer its software with Red Hat Enterprise Linux in a
| top-to-bottom package for mission-critical hospital IT systems.


Is Linux enough for open source medical advocates?

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| The change occurs on the back-end, where Linux is the OS, and where customers
| may even choose MySQL or Ingres as their database technology.
| McKesson says 75% of its roughly 2,500 hospital customers have embraced the
| change, with Oracle as the company’s current database of choice. “The best of
| both worlds” the company says.


The Linux of Healthcare

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| What makes this one different from other HIS in the market? "It's an
| integrated and probably the only healthcare solution based on open source
| technology, making the customer vendor-neutral," says Raman.

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