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Creating Bootable USB Stick Linux Systems On The Easy

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| I use to walk around with a portable Backtrack USB stick. That is handy for
| pentesting, and other general hackaliciousness, but in all honesty Ubuntu is
| my Linux distro of choice. So what about those of you who prefer Suse, Red
| Hat, Fedora, Gentoo etc? Sure there are countless tutorials online about how
| to manually go through and install to your USB stick, but wouldn't it be
| better if you could just point and click a couple of times and be done with
| it?


Who needs 'the cloud' when the 'computer' can be carried on a necklace or a
shirt's pocket?


Fedora 9 tools demystify installation and upgrades

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| The Fedora project has always offered installation options. The best known of
| these options are the Fedora spins -- roll-your-own install images that
| emphasize a particular desktop or purpose, such as providing the
| distribution's complete repository on DVD. With Fedora 9, the project has
| expanded its traditional emphasis with two new tools: LiveUSB Creator, a
| Windows application for producing live Fedora flash drives, and PreUpgrade, a
| wizard to help existing users move from one release to another. Each in its
| own way helps to clarify part of the process of installing the Fedora
| operating system.

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