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Software Freedom Day (Party!)

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| The problem is patents. LLVM’s license allows more room for Apple to use
| software patents than the GCC’s licenses do. And Apple now has the
| opportunity to maneuver themselves into a place where through those patents
| they can dominate the software that can be run on their machines. Those
| bastards!


No Steve Jobs for Linux

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| An article outlining why "Linux needs its own Steve Jobs for it to be good"
| (who said Linux was bad?) has been picked up and slammed to the ground by a
| certain pink site. It is stated there that “Steve Jobs gives the company
| direction and that [this] makes their product great.” It's true, and this is
| where the whole argument should end. No need to go into the “kernel” and
| the “backend” topics because, just as the author points out, “[Jobs] does
| exactly what 'mythical' Jobs does, he looks at problems and hires people so
| he can order them to fix them.”



Apple files for patent on multiple input technique

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| As the patent application explains, computer systems generally have various
| means of input, but usually these are all independent of each other and not
| combined.


Apple files notification screen patent, is this really that unique?

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| It is a bit strange that a patent would be needed for something like this
| that even basic feature phones already use in some manner.



Apple files UI elements patent relating to hierarchical menus, more

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| On January 31, the US Patent & Trademark Office published eleven of Apple’s
| patent applications in total. This particular report centers on Apple’s
| patent application titled User interface elements for hierarchical selection
| of items while listing several continuation patents. Apple’s current patent
| generally relates to user interface elements.


Consumer and Public Interest Groups Back New U.S. Patent Rules That Would
Curtail Abusive Behavior By Applicants

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| A coalition of consumer advocacy and public interest groups today filed legal
| papers supporting new U.S. Patent Office (USPTO) rules that would curtail
| abusive behavior by patent applicants and improve patent quality.
| In a friend-of-the-court brief filed in U.S. District Court in Alexandria,
| VA., the groups urged that an injunction blocking the proposed rules be
| lifted and they be implemented immediately.
| The proposed new regulations ask applicants to justify the need for more than
| two continuations per application and assist the USPTO in performing initial
| technological research on applications that contain an excessive number of
| claims.


Top Ten Patent Trolls of 2007

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| 3. Acacia. I didn't start tracking Acacia carefully until the summer. But
| still, on my blog I have reported on over two dozen lawsuits brought by
| Acacia this year, against more than 235 defendants. That's in addition to the
| over 200 lawsuits Acacia filed in previous years against hundreds and
| hundreds of defendants. And that's not including the two lawsuits (at least)
| Acacia has filed in December against 20 more defendants (yes, Acacia, I'm
| watching you). Acacia's business model, as a publicly traded company, is to
| accumulate patents and sue as many companies as possible in order to extract
| licenses. They have a market cap of over 275 million - that pays for a lot of
| lawsuits. Unlike other trolls, Acacia tends to not focus on one court in
| particular, although they have sampled the Eastern District of Texas more
| this year than in the past.


Yahoo Patent Troll


Who is the world's biggest patent troll?

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| In two consecutive days, The Wall Street Journal presented two different
| answers. The first is not surprising: Intellectual Ventures, the brainchild
| of ex-Microsoft executive Nathan Myhrvold. It's now out "to raise as much as
| $1 billion to help develop and patent inventions, many of them from
| universities in Asia."


Playing Microsoft Patent Poker

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| This time though, while Ballmer slinks away to try to con … convince people
| that Microsoft Unified Communications somehow offers people more than what
| Cisco's VOIP (voice over IP) been offering customers for years, a patent
| attack finally launches at Linux. Specifically, IP Innovation, a subsidiary
| of Acacia Technologies Group, has filed a patent infringement claim against
| Linux distributors Novell and Red Hat.
| So was it just timing, or was it something more? Let's take a look at the
| players.


The Goldfarb Declaration - Updated: MS Statement

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| According to the Declaration, Richard Emerson was not the only
| Microsoft employee Goldfarb was dealing with in connection with the
| BayStar investment in SCO. He mentions by name two others, from two
| other departments.


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| "There you have it. At least a third of SCO's entire market
| capitalization, and their entire current cash reserves, is payoffs
| funnelled from Microsoft. Their 10Qs reveal that every other line of
| cash inflow is statistical noise by comparison. The brave new
| SCO source business model is now clear: sue your customers, shill
| for Microsoft, kite your stock, and pray you stay out of jail."


Friday Patent Litigation News

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| Reader Anthony Sabatini of New York writes to tell me that the auto-text
| patent asserted by Acacia subsidiary AutoText in Cleveland might be invalid
| in light of the Control Data Corp CDC6600 console system developed two
| decades earlier.
| [...]
| Finally, IP Innovation and Technology Licensing Corp. -- in other words,
| ACACIA -- filed a lawsuit in Marshall against Google, accusing Google's
| search engine and Google Earth of infringing two patents. This is the same
| Acacia sub that sued Red Hat and Novell over Linux, with the same lawyers -
| Johnny Ward and Eric Albritton. But these are different patents. The patents
| asserted against Google are 5,276,785 and 5,675,819, which Acacia got from
| Xerox. Nice going, Xerox.


Acacia and Niro File Another Multi-Defendant Lawsuit on JPEG-on-a-Website
Patent, Bringing Total to 16 Companies Sued

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| Assuming it files one per month for the next 39 months until the patent
| expires, then what Acacia is really seeking is $600M from US industry for the
| JPEG-on-a-website patent. My guess is they’ll sue many more companies than
| that, and seek up to a billion dollars – which, assuming a 33% contingency
| fee (which is low, probably), amounts to a cool $100 million per year for the
| Niro firm.
| And people wonder why he’d like to shut down websites critical of Acacia and
| other patent trolls. The real question is what does he want from you and me,
| for our photo blogs, our personal websites. His statements to IP Law 360 only
| referred to companies.
| The other real question is how many companies will spend millions in
| attorneys fees to fight rather than pay the $500K or $1M or $2M that Acacia
| is demanding. That's the sad state of patent litigation these days.


Most of Chinese New Patents Are Garbage

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| On November 27, 2007, the Innovative National Construction and Intellectual
| Property Symposium was held in Beijing. Representatives from a variety of
| industries spoke at the event; most of them expressed their worries and
| frustrations with China’s IPR protection framework. Mr. Fu Shaoming, head of
| the IPR unit from Foxconn, China’s largest electronics OEM firm, claimed in
| his speech that 90% of China's new and practical patents are de facto garbage
| and should be discarded.

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