Broadcom Switches to the Light Side: The Start of a New Era?

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| Although Broadcom had very good in-house Linux drivers for its wireless
| cards, which it sold to manufacturers of wireless routers that ran on Linux,
| it refused to release the drivers to the community, even in binary-only form,
| or to provide documentation that would assist Linux users in writing their
| own drivers. Consequently, ndiswrapper was for many years the only way to
| get Broadcom cards running on Ubuntu and other distributions.
| [...]
| Many individuals, especially die-hard disciples of Richard Stallman, will
| argue that Broadcom still has a ways to go if it wants to prove that it’s
| serious about Linux support. The source of its drivers remains essentially
| closed, with their future status unclear. As the Ubuntu developer
| writes, “It’s hard to go on a company’s word that they will open a driver up
| and play nice, especially Broadcom.”
| All the same, these drivers are a concrete example of the legitimacy that
| Ubuntu has gained, thanks in large part to the leverage that Canonical
| enjoys. This isn’t to say that 2009 will become the elusive Year of the
| Linux Desktop, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction.


SEC charges Broadcom founder, gen counsel

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| The men schemed from 1998 to 2003 to secretly backdate stock option grants,
| which forced the company to eventually restate its financial results and
| report more than $2 billion in extra compensation expenses, the SEC said in a
| statement.

Broadcom Demonstrates Support for All Key Mobile Phone Open Operating Systems
on Its Single-Chip Smartphone Solution

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| ...demonstrate support for the three most popular open operating systems
| (OpenOSs) on its innovative and cost effective third generation (3G) cellular
| design platform...

Linux-Based VoIP Partnership Announced

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| Chipmaker Broadcom and software developer Trolltech this week formed a
| partnership to create a multimedia voice over IP development platform based
| on Linux. *


Broadcom aims advanced comm chips at Linux handsets

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| Jim Tran, GM of mobile communications at Broadcom, added, "Broadcom has a
| long history of working closely within the Linux community on advanced
| communications products." *

Broadcom Joins the LiMo Foundation as a Leading Semiconductor Provider for
Mobile Linux(R) Solutions

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| Broadcom Corporation, a global leader in semiconductors for wired and
| wireless communications, today announced that it has joined the LiMo
| Foundation as one of its first semiconductor suppliers. *

65nm "STB-on-a-chip" runs Linux

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| Broadcom is sampling a highly integrated system-on-chip (SoC) for cable,
| satellite, and IP set-top boxes (STBs). Built on outsourced 65nm process
| technology, the BCM7405 "STB-on-a-chip" is based on a 400MHz MIPS32/16e
| processor core, runs Linux, and supports numerous video compression standards
| as well as networked personal video recorder (PVR) functionality. * *

Broadcom to Bring ARM Cortex-A8 to Powerful Videocore Mobile Multimedia
Product Line

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| In addition to its robust processing power, the Cortex-A8 processor is
| fully supported by the ARM RealView(R) Development Suite enabling OEMs
| to deliver rich content to Linux-based devices that fully exploit
| the high-performance Cortex-A8 processor with significantly reduced
| memory footprint. The ability to seamlessly build Linux application
| libraries with the compilation tools in the RealView Development
| Suite enables developers to maximize the performance of key elements
| of their code base, ultimately providing end customers with highly
| responsive Linux devices that have an exceptionally long battery life.

Broadcom Demonstrates Linux OS Support on Its CellAirity Platform for Low
Cost Smartphone Handsets

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| Broadcom Corporation, a global leader in semiconductors for wired
| and wireless communications, today announced that it will
| demonstrate the flexibility of its cellular platform with a
| new reference design that can run powerful applications on the Linux
| operating system.

Broadcom samples one-chip HSDPA smartphone silicon

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| At 3GSM this week, Broadcom unveiled a smartphone SoC (system-on-chip)
| that integrates an HSPDA baseband modem with application, audio,
| and multimedia processors on a single monolithic chip.

Broadcom Offers Linux BSP for Wi-Fi Phone Chipset

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| Broadcom has said that the Broadcom Wi-Fi phone chipset has been
| selected by Samsung for its new line of consumer and small business
| Wi-Fi phones.

Broadcom app processor targets Linux phones

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| The company offers a variety of Linux-based software and middleware for
| the chip... The BCM2820 is now sampling to early access customers, along
| with a development kit that includes a Linux BSP, a suite of multimedia
| codecs, and application software.