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Run Linux on your Cisco router with Cisco's new AXP module

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| To make this work, Cisco AXP provides an open Linux development environment.
| That's right--the AXP is a card that goes into your Cisco router and that
| card runs a hardened version of Linux, customized by Cisco. So, you aren't
| running Linux on your current Cisco router CPU, RAM, and Flash or in the IOS.
| You are running Linux on a card that is inserted into the router.
| Once you have this card and the Linux OS, you can then run third-party
| applications on that platform. Think about that for a minute. What if you
| could run a protocol analyzer like Ethereal or an IPS like SNORT "in your
| router"? What if you could run WAN Compression, performance monitoring, and
| network management software "in your router"? Wow--that would be amazing!



Cisco's Linux-Based ISR Opens Road For Customized Solutions

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| At the Cisco Partner Summit 2008 in Honolulu, the San Jose, Calif.-based
| networking heavyweight unveiled the Cisco Application eXtension Platform
| (AXP). The AXP consists of open, Linux-based Cisco ISR hardware modules for
| application development and hosting to support a tighter integration of the
| network and applications.


One Router to Rule Them All

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| It's not that often that I get to do first-hand, on-the-scene reporting, so I
| was somewhat surprised last week to open an email from one of Cisco's PR
| reps, offering the opportunity to report an announcement of interest to the
| Linux and Open Source community. Being the curious sort, I couldn't pass up
| such an opportunity. * *

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