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UK minister looks for delete key on user generated content

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| Shortly after the launch meeting of the UKCCIS, Culture and Media Secretary,
| Andy Burnham, was heard to remark: "We have to start talking more seriously
| about standards and regulation on the internet.
| "I don't think it is impossible that before you download something there is a
| symbol or wording which tells you what's in that content. If you have a clip
| that is downloaded a million times then that is akin to broadcasting.
| "It doesn't seem over-burdensome for these to be regulated."
| [...]
| These are either the words of someone who hasn’t the first idea how
| user-generated content works – or alternatively, a man with a very sinister
| plan indeed. YouTube alone is estimated to generate ten hours of new content
| every minute. Similar ratios are to be found on other popular user-driven
| sites.


As Moody puts it, why "think about the children?" Just *Think*.


Bad Phorm: UK Police give green light to Internet spying

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| The email is quoted by El Reg and states that "it has been decided that no
| Criminal Offence has been committed" and there was a "lack of Criminal Intent
| on behalf of BT and Phorm Inc in relation to the tests."
| The best bit, though, is the revelation that BT customers would have given
| implied consent to being spied upon without their knowledge because the aim
| of the tests was to enhance product quality.


Police close file on BT's trials

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| The City of London Police have said there will be no formal investigation of
| BT over its secret trials of an ad monitoring system.


British Government Violates Copyright

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| As much as I utterly despise the entire premise of Intellectual Monopoly,
| this is about violating the principles of a Free License, and if it's good
| enough for the British government to violate our civil rights in the name of
| Intellectual Monopoly, then it's good enough for the Free World to protect
| its "property" (in fact Freedom) too…

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