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DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 272, 29 September 2008

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| A second attempt at creating a comprehensive package management cheatsheet is
| the main topic of this week's edition of DistroWatch Weekly. While still far
| from perfect, the table lists more package management tasks and utilities
| than the first version, but as always, corrections and suggestions are always
| welcome. In the news section, Linux distributions warn over a hardware
| damaging kernel bug, Debian publishes a list of supported languages
| in "Lenny", Fedora announces a further delay of its upcoming version 10, and
| Linux Mint unveils its first-ever 64-bit edition. Also, plenty of
| Gentoo-related news, including an upcoming distribution build tool
| called "Metro" and an alternative package management utility named "Paludis".
| Finally, check out Klikit-Linux, a community project based on Kubuntu, which
| was added to the DistroWatch database last week. All this and more in this
| week's issue of DistroWatch Weekly - happy reading!


Linux Gazette: October 2008 (#155)

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| # News Bytes, by Deividson Luiz Okopnik and Howard Dyckoff
| # Away Mission: Google I/O and Better Software Practices, by Howard Dyckoff
| # HugeTLB - Large Page Support in the Linux Kernel, by R. Krishnakumar
| # Book Review: Understanding Open Source and Free Software Licensing, by Rick
| Moen
| # Joey's Notes: Using the Automounter, by Joey Prestia
| Our monthly column of basic Linux advice and education
| # HelpDex, by Shane Collinge
| # Ecol, by Javier Malonda
| # XKCD, by Randall Munroe


Last week:

Linux package management cheatsheet

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| Package management is probably the most distinctive feature of any Linux
| distribution. While the current trend among most of the major projects is to
| offer some sort of a clickable interface where users can select a package and
| install it with a mouse click (e.g. Debian's Synaptic or Mandriva's Drakrpm),
| these types of programs are generally just graphical front-ends to the
| low-level utilities that manage the tasks associated with installing packages
| on a Linux system. And even though many desktop Linux users feel much more
| comfortable installing packages through these intuitive graphical tools,
| there is no denying that command-line package management offers two excellent
| features not available in any graphical package management utility: power and
| speed.

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