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GOS 3 on a EEE pc 901

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| GOS 3 is truly an impressive OS for netbooks. The choice of cloud
| applications is very good. Though I tried both Ubuntu-eee and EEEbuntu, I
| prefer GOS for its neat interface. The look and feel is somewhat mimics OSX
| the use of Prism improves usability in netbooks. Being Ubuntu based, it is
| easy to get support and the latest packages with the goodness of apt-get.
| Ubuntu's interface has deterred me from using it, but I love GOS which is an
| attractively dressed Ubuntu. Overall I liked GOS 3 very much and I plan to
| keep using it as the main OS in this EEE.


Damn Small Linux - Really it is...

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| The System ran wonderfully smooth, I was stunned to notice that DSL used only
| 20MB of the 128MB ran in idle mode just after the bootup. The system did not
| slugged down with the use of inbuilt Firefox browser, or the other apps.


Sidux 2008-03

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| All in all, Sidux leaves me with mixed feelings. On the plus side, it’s very
| fast, it works, it’s relatively stable (logging out of KDE caused a crash
| every know and then, but otherwise it ran just fine), plays mp3s out of the
| box, has excellent hardware support, and looks okay. It’s probably the best
| and easiest way to run Debian unstable. On the other hand, it’s definitely
| not for the new Linux user. If you want to run this, you will have to dive
| into the wonderful world of the command line, and start learning to edit
| those configuration files. The Wiki and the Manual can help you there, but
| they’re a bit random, so you’ll need the forum too.. There’s a bit of a
| learning curve here, and I’m sure that it easier along the way. Don’t pick
| this as your first Linux distribution, but if you love Debian, and you want
| to run recent software without too much hassle, I’d say this is the distro
| for you.



(K)(X)Ubuntu Alternatives

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| Mepis is has a long history compared to new distributions. This is a
| distribution that is based on Debian, supplying the KDE Desktop Environment.
| This distribution is friendly and easy to use. Mepis supplies all the
| positives of Debian providing a friendly and elegant system.


Review: Pardus Linux

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| I wonder why Pardus is such an unknown distribution. It is easy to install,
| has a great configuration center, and a good package management system with
| plenty of packages to fulfill most peoples needs. The people behind Pardus
| have spent a lot of time to create a distro that looks good and is stable. I
| believe my granny can work with Pardus without problems. No messing with
| config-files in any way, just install it and start working with it. I will
| continue to use Pardus and have advised others to give it a try.
| Good job, Pardus team!

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