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Gentoo Monthly Newsletter: 30 September 2008

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| Welcome to the September issue of the Gentoo monthly newsletter!
| As usual, you can discuss any aspect of this issue of the GMN in the
| corresponding forum thread. We look forward to hearing from you!


Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 110

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| Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue #110 for the week September
| 21st - September 27th, 2008. In this issue we cover: Potential
| hardware-damaging e1000e driver: Intrepid, Ubuntu 8.10 beta freeze now in
| effect, Ubuntu 8.10 beta approaching, Ubuntu 7.04 reaches end-of-life on
| October 19, 2008, Intrepid Release Parties, Ubuntu Upstream Report, Ubuntu
| Server Survey launched, Introducing the Ubuntu Wanted project, Progress of
| Romanian Translation Team, Regular Bug Jams in Berlin kicked off, ABLEconf
| co-hosted by Ubuntu Arizona LoCo, Mark Shuttleworth named "IT Community Hero
| of the Year", Full Circle Magazine #17, Ubuntu-UK Podcast #15, Ubuntu
| Community interview with John Crawford(johnc4510), Linux Foundation opening
| doors to individual participation, and much, much more!


Bits from the DPL

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| One obvious thing: LENNY! We're due a release candidate from the d-i
| team very shortly [13], and elsewhere we're in a deep freeze state
| [14] as we make the final push. There's still work to be done, of
| course: we have more release critical bugs that should be fixed, and
| the more installation and upgrade testing we can do now, the
| better. Also, there's always more help needed on finishing off and
| translating the Release Notes; please dive in if you can. Let's make
| Lenny our best release yet!


Sept 2008 Project News

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| When I took over mypclinuxos.com, I was looking for a way in which project
| leaders could quickly relay announcements and messages to their project
| members and get this information in ONE SINGLE STREAM. For example, if
| Business Edition announced a release and MythTVOS announced a release,
| project members of the Remaster GUI project may not be aware that anything
| has happened. We had a decentralized channel of information flow inside the
| many forums. I felt having a front end where project leaders could get
| information out to the public through one stream where all members could be
| aprised of the latest happenings in both the pclinuxos world AND mypclinuxos
| would be not only benefit members, but also keep announcements and happenings
| in one central location as opposed to 20 different locations.


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