Ok so now it's time to get my Ubuntu system to talk to the HP Laserjet on
the PCLinuxOS system.

I make sure I have the printer shared, and that everyone can use it (I'm
behind a hardware firewall to the WAN) and so forth.
Samba is also running as the previous printer was also shared with several
Windows machines.

Ok, so I go into Ubuntu try to select a printer and I get some really
confusing dialog box.
It's got various selections for Samba printers, uri, ipp, lpd God knows
what else.
Fortunately there is a browse/probe button for each of them.
Unfortunately, it doesn't find anything.

So I try and ping the machine which like I said is running PCLinuxOS and I
can't even ping it.
Now that's odd.
I also can't see the shared directories on the network from Ubuntu.
Odd again.

Convinced it's a PCLinuxOS problem, I don't know why, I just was, I probe
around and get no place.

Finally, I figure out that way back I installed firestarter on the Ubuntu
I never configured it, but only played around with it and forgot to remove
it because I have no need for it.

I disable it and now I can browse the other system on the network.

Ok so I go back to the printer dialog and still it can't find the printer.

It's shared because my other machines can see it.

So on a whim I just try and print something and bingo the printer shows up
in the box, I select it as default, select it again from the ppd drop down
menu (stupid because if it already knows what printer I have why do I have
to tell it again?) and away it goes....

Ok, so I eat a little crow on this one.

I still don't know why the printer setup box didn't find it, but actually
trying to print did.
After I disabled the firewall of course.

It's now listed in the printer box and working fine.

So partial pilot error on this part of it.

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