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Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid's Theme

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| Ubuntu users were promised a radical new desktop theme with Ubuntu 8.04 and
| then that ended up getting postponed to the upcoming 8.10 release (a.k.a. the
| Intrepid Ibex). There was a new brown theme that had appeared early on in
| Intrepid but many users were dissatisfied with this work and Canonical ended
| up reverting the theme to that of Ubuntu 8.04 and earlier. Though with the
| Intrepid artwork final deadline passing last week, what does the desktop look
| like in the Ubuntu 8.10 Beta release due out this week? Here are some
| screenshots.


Gmail+Weather+Beauty right on your Ubuntu desktop

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| Ever wished that you had new mails notifications right on your desktop? Ever
| wished you knew the weather info right on your desktop? Ever wished you had
| your hardware information right on your desktop? Ever wished your desktop was
| productive and beautiful at the same time? Ever wished you didn’t have to use
| Mac4Lin theme to hide the ‘ugliness’ of Ubuntu’s native appearance?


"There's a lot of Linux out there -- much more than Microsoft generally signals
publicly -- and their customers are using it..."

--Paul DeGroot, a Directions On Microsoft analyst


Ubuntu 8.10 "Intrepid Ibex" (Alpha 6): first impressions

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| The second good thing that I have noticed is that it is gorgeous to look at.
| Compiz (the 3D desktop) is enabled by default, so I get all the nice 3D
| effects. This is pretty incredible as I have an onboard video card which
| shares 128MB of the system RAM. Vista's Aero would just laugh at this video
| card and tell it to grow up!


Ubuntu Ibex Alpha 6 Review

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| This alpha 6 release is shipped with the latest Gnome 2.23.92, which is a
| testing and development series for the upcoming Gnome 2.24. Hopefully, we can
| see the 2.24 in action in the beta release of Ubuntu Ibex.


Review: Xubuntu 8.10 'Intrepid Ibex' Alpha 6

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| If you're planning on gaming on an older machine but have an affection for
| Ubuntu, then Xubuntu is an obvious choice. Games these days eat quite a lot
| of resources, and with LCD screens almost enforcing you to use native
| resolutions your older machine will be working overtime to pump out the
| pixels. From what I've seen, Xubuntu is stable even at this stage of
| development (just over a month to go to the final version) and I'd recommend
| it to anyone with an older machine who is wanting to access the new goodies
| in the Ibex repositories.


Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex Alpha 6 [screenshots]

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| Ubuntu 8.10 Alpha 6 has been released as the final alpha build for Intrepid
| Ibex. This release ships with the latest GNOME 2.24 and Linux 2.6.27 bits
| along with X Server 1.5.0. Ubuntu 8.10 Alpha 6 also supports Samba 3.2 with
| clustered file server support, encrypted network transport, IPv6 support, and
| better integration with recent versions of Microsoft Windows clients and
| servers. Another package addition to Ubuntu is the pam-auth-update-tool,
| which is a management interface for PAM authentication on both desktops and
| servers.

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