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Live Searches Drop Below 1 Billion

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| August U.S. search share data shows ugly declines for Microsoft in 2008.


For catching up with Google, this is the wrong direction. They can't achieve
anything with Windows. Why don't they just give up?

Yahoo joins Google in defending ad deal

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| "Here's the bottom line," Decker wrote late last week. "Yahoo will use this
| agreement to help us become a stronger competitor in all aspects of online
| advertising; and Yahoo is not exiting the sponsored search business. We plan
| to remain a strong player in sponsored search."
| [...]
| Early on, she takes issue with a statistic thrown around by Microsoft that
| the deal gives Google 90 percent share of the search-ad market, a statistic
| that derives from combining the two companies' individual share. "That's just
| plain wrong," she said. "It's important to note that the agreement is
| non-exclusive and gives us the option to 'backfill' with Google ads if and
| when we see fit. The reason we structured the deal this way--rather than a
| more typical exclusive deal with revenue commitments to us and traffic
| commitments to Google--was precisely to avoid the issues the critics are
| raising."



Google Gets 70% of U.S. Searches

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| But Google's gain led to lower numbers for other search companies. Yahoo Inc.
| received 19.62% of U.S. searches in June, down from 21.31% last year, while
| MSN Search received 5.46%, down from 9.85% in June 2007.


Microsoft shifts its search to AOL

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| "To remain competitive in online advertising Microsoft needs to quickly
| expand its footprint on the internet. But there is a limited number of large
| internet companies or operations to buy."


Ballmer Still Searching for an Answer to Google

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| "Forty percent of servers run Windows, 60 percent run Linux," he said. "How
| are we doing? Forty is less than 60, so I don't like it. ... We have some
| work to do."


Microsoft's new tack: Bribery as a business model

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| But truth be told, it's not the worst idea. What's the harm in giving it a
| shot? In a recession--or whatever you want to call the current economic
| malaise in the United States--consumers are open to bribes (oh, I forgot:
| rebates). So why not see if this strikes the people's fancy? But this is only
| a holding action. The reason more people use Google's search is the user
| experience. It works better, so they keep returning. Microsoft CEO Steve
| Ballmer knows this.


Is Microsoft spamming websites to boost its numbers?

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| Microsoft claims that it's all part of a quality control effort, but a rising
| number of web masters is complaining that Microsoft is trying to inflate its
| Live.com traffic delivery by spamming websites.



Microsoft funding bankrupt Live Search experiment with porn spam

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| Dear reader, please tell me: what do you think of a search engine that steals
| (bandwidth and AdSense revenue), lies, spams away, and is not clever enough
| to stop their criminal activities when they’re caught?
| Recently a Live Search rep whined in an interview because so many robots.txt
| files out there block their crawler...


Microsoft’s Club Live fiasco

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| People were using the macro on more than 3 games at a time, on more than 2
| accounts at a time, why Microsoft didn’t pick up on the fact that in the
| first few days some people had accumulated enough for 3 Zunes each is beyond
| us. Some were lucky, others, not so much.
| [...]
| So far no one has been banned from using their accounts, which they needed to
| sign up, probably because they did not break any laws, or probably because
| Microsoft didn’t want that hassle and liked their new found traffic.


Bots Helped To Boost Microsoft Live Search Gains

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| In a blog post, Compete analyst Steve Willis attributed Microsoft's
| search gains to prizes awarded to users participating in Live Search
| Club, which features games that post queries to Microsoft's search
| engine.
| [...]
| Microsoft is essentially being DDoSed by thousands of people hundreds
| of times per minute, but they are mistaking this rise in traffic for
| people actually using Live Search."

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