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Red Hat Gets Serious about Virtualization

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| When Red Hat acquired the virtualization startup Qumranet in early September,
| it announced its intention to challenge the virtualization status quo.
| [...]
| The ability to size environments correctly, optimize them, handle bottlenecks
| and deliver consistently high performance will be where customers are won and
| lost – eventually. Today, everything is still about cost. Microsoft has
| already tried to peg VMware as an overly expensive solution. Don’t be
| surprised if Red Hat gets in on that game too.


Never Installed a Firewall on Ubuntu? Try Firestarter

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| “The way to be safe is never to feel secure”. When we use the high-speed
| internet without having any security tool installed, it gives the enormous
| opportunity to “them” means the malicious folks on the internet who are
| desperate to attack on your network and severs. No one can guarantee 100%
| security but at least you can consider yourself in the loop of reasonable
| security using Firestarter, without having any prerequisite of in-depth
| knowledge of TCP/IP security.


"The Internet? We are not interested in it."

--Bill Gates, 1993


Red Hat sprints past ESX on VM running

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| Red Hat claims it can run five virtual machines (VMs) for every three that
| VMware's ESX runs in the same server hardware. Qumranet technology also
| enables it to run more Windows virtual desktops than VMware, too.
| At a journalists' roundtable in London this week, Benny Schneider, Qumranet
| CEO, said his - now Red Hat's - company's KVM (kernel-based virtualisation
| machine) hypervisor runs 52 VMs in a physical server, in which ESX can host a
| maximum of 35 VMs. Citrix Xenserver is worse: it can only host 30.

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