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Upcoming European Open Source Conferences: links 30-09-2008


Business Models For Open Source Software Commercialization

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| In addition to the Red Hat distribution, a Red Hat subscription usually
| includes an ability to receive software support, access to updates and
| upgrades, and access to various network-based administration tools. A key
| aspect of this business model is that Red Hat is not the licensor of the vast
| majority of the software in a Red Hat distribution.



Linux.conf.au 2009 announces successful miniconferences

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| LCA miniconferences have become a feature of Linux.conf.au, giving passionate
| members of the open source community a chance to collaborate and build
| momentum and interest on specific areas in open source.


OSOR launch, Open Source World Conference in Malaga, Spain

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| The OSOR website will be launched in Malaga, at the Open Source World
| Conference. Xavier Heymans has been invited to present the PloneGov
| innitiative. PloneGov is a collaborative software ecosystem, where government
| organizations, non-profits and the private sector work together to share the
| cost of enhanced capabilities.


Philippines hosts open source conference

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| The Philippines is scheduled to host a regional open source conference next
| month, which will gather representatives from 21 countries to sign an
| agreement.
| The said agreement will push for co-operation among these countries in the
| area of open source and is expected to benefit emerging markets like the
| Philippines.


Celebrating Freedom

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| Right since the beginning of September we are being litteraly submerged by
| the number of events promoting OpenOffice.org around the world. Let me
| summarize those for you; I hope you will see that we have something for
| everyone these days!


Open source conference in Copenhagen

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| Open Source Days is the largest open source conference in the nordic area.
| It's your opportunity to meet, share, experience and learn from professional
| open source experts.


FUDCon Brno 2008

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| This was the best-organized FUDCon we have ever had, and the credit for that
| goes to Radek Vokal and his team of volunteers in Red Hat’s Brno office, who
| handled all of the details locally.


ODF conference heads to SA

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| As one of the lead parties in the OOXML ISO opposition and with a government
| ODF strategy, the second OpenDocument Format workshop is, fittingly, to be
| held in South Africa in October.


Open Source Blossoms at TDWI

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| The people who say that open source has no impact or visibility in the data
| warehouse market were shown to be wrong at the TDWI conference in San Diego.
| We saw a continued rise in open source data warehousing products this summer.
| Jaspersoft, Talend, Ingres and newcomer Kickfire all had booths at this
| event. That's a big change from no presence roughly 18 months ago.


SCALE 7x Call For Papers

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| The Linux Exposition of Southern California is proud to announce the 7th
| Annual Southern California Linux Expo scheduled for February 20-22, 2009 at
| the Westin Hotel near the Los Angeles International Airport. Wide spread
| acceptance and encouragement from the user community has established SCALE as
| a premiere Linux/Open Source conference in the
| Southern California region.


Atlanta Linux Fest 2008

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| On Saturday, September 20th, 2008, the Atlanta Linux Fest will be the place
| to learn, discuss, and discover Linux. There will be demos of various
| distributions, as well as an install fest for new users to try out Live CDs
| and get help with Linux installations.


Upcoming open source & web conferences

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| -Zend conference 2008, Sept 15-18, Santa Clara, CA
| -Web 2.0 Expo, Sept 16-19, New York, NY
| -Astricon conference, Sept 23-25, Glendale AZ
| -MySQL European conferences, Oct 21, 23, Nov 19, Munich, London, Paris
| -Web 2.0 Expo Europe, Oct 21-23, Berlin
| -International PHP Conference, Oct 27-30, Rheingoldhall, Mainz
| -ApacheCon 2008, Nov 3-8, New Orleans


QualiPSo worldwide conference highlights strengths and challenges of Open
Source Software, the state of play in the market, and future trends

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| Qualipso, a unique international alliance of ICT industry players, SMEs,
| research, public sector bodies and academics, whose role it is to help
| industry and governments fuel innovation and competitiveness with Open Source
| software (OSS) recently published the report of its annual Conference,
| bringing together top speakers and participants from nearly 30 countries.


K-12 Open Minds Conference

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| The K-12 Open Minds Conference is the first of its kind - an International
| event specifically for K-12 educators designed to make OPEN SOURCE software
| and OPEN SYSTEMS more available and easier to use. *Last year's conference
| was a huge success and paved the way for an even more exciting conference
| this year!


More Upcoming Open Source Conferences: links 30-08-2008

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| Open Hack 2008 - Hack is back, September 12-13 at Yahoo! HQ in Sunnyvale.
| Over 30 web services and APIs. Search, geo, music, mobile, and more. If
| interested request an invite at: hackday.org.
| Paris Capitale du Libre - FNILL, the French National Federation of Open
| Source Software Industry, is organizing the third edition on September 24-25.
| During the event on the 24th will be held the first European Opensource
| Lawyers Event.
| The Open Source World Conference...


Upcoming Open Source Conferences: links 28-08-2008

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| DNI Open Source Conference 2008, September 11-12, 2008 in Ronald Reagan
| Building in Washington DC - The Office of the Director of National
| Intelligence announces that the “DNI Open Source Conference 2008″ will be
| held on 11-12 September in Washington DC. Read also their blog (via Kent’s
| blog). Agenda and break-out sessions are on line.
| Linux Plumbers Conference - *16-19 September, Portland, Oregon. Have a look
| at the program.
| Openmind 2008 - COSS...


Announcing the OpenOffice.org Annual Conference Beijing 2008

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| OpenOffice.org has today opened registration for its biggest ever annual
| international conference. The Conference - to be held in Beijing, China
| between 5th.-7th. November - is the main event of the year for developers,
| supporters, and users of OpenOffice.org software, the leading free software
| alternative to Microsoft Office.


Freedom Not Fear 2008

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| On 11. October 2008 we call for an international action day in as many
| European capital cities as possible and elsewhere around the world to
| demonstrate against the total retention of telecommunication data and other
| instruments of surveillance.


Open source event targets developers

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| The organizers of an event billed as Southeast Asia's largest open source
| conference, are counting on developer interest to fill the seats at the event
| in February next year.
| [...]
| Oracle is running a showcase of its Oracle Enterprise Linux OS and
| virtualization product, Oracle VM, at a session it calls InstallFest,
| targeted at developers.
| Shane Owenby, senior director, Linux and open source, Oracle Asia-Pacific,
| told ZDNet Asia he expects a good turnout at the session. "Both products are
| receiving significant interest from developer communities [and] are also
| freely distributed by Oracle which also makes them attractive to developers,"
| he said.


OGC Announces Participation in FOSS4G Conference

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| The Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc. (OGC®) will participate in the 2008 Free
| and Open Source Software for Geospatial (FOSS4G) Conference...

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