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Live DVD for Linux Games

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| The liveDVD itself is based on ArchLinux and comes pre-loaded with 13 popular
| Linux games, and more are planned for future release.


Ubuntu Mobile: Canonical create Ubuntu mini-me

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| A pre-release version of another flavour of Ubuntu has been released by the
| developers, and the first screenshots have begun to appear online. Ubuntu
| Mobile is more or less what it sounds like - Ubuntu customised for use on
| so-called "Ultra-mobile PCs", UMPCs for slightly-shorter.


Mandriva moves onto mini-notes

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| New Mandriva Mini distro joins gOS, Ubuntu Remix and eeebuntu as Linux
| packages built for pint-sized netbooks.



Open Source Gaming Review: Linux Gamers Live DVD 0.9.2

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| Overall I like this live dvd of popular free Linux games and I wish the
| absolute best to the developers of the Linux-Gamers.net Live DVD and I want
| to encourage them to continue their work. It?s very, very much appreciated.
| While it?s still got some growing to do, and some bugs to iron out, it really
| has been a very enjoyable distribution to experiment with. I especially like
| the idea that I can take it with me anywhere I go and play some of my
| favorite Linux games, even if the system I?m playing it on doesn?t have
| Linux.


Linux gaming, part two: strategy games

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| Along the years, many commercial games have found their way to Linux too,
| even in limited numbers. Open source strategy games presented here
| still present only the tip of the iceberg, as there are many other
| strategy game projects out there for Linux. Happypenguin.org, a
| fine source for Linux gaming news, alone lists 151 games in the
| strategy category.


New Loki Games Repository Emerges

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| The folks over at Tux Games have opened up a repository containing a
| collection of old software titles ported by Loki Games.


Quake 4 v1.4.2

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| id Software has made the 1.4.2 Point Release for Quake 4 available.


live.linuX-gamers.net is a Linux live-dvd distribution

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| These games are preinstalled on the live dvd. So you can directly
| play them right after booting from tihs dvd.


Mandriva teams up with TransGaming to release gaming-enhanced MandrivaLinux

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| TransGaming Inc., a leading developer of software portability products
| for the electronic entertainment industry, announced today that
| MandrivaLinux 2007 will include direct integration of their Cedega
| portability engine along with Empire Interactive's popular game FlatOut.
| This OEM agreement brings the thrill of electronic entertainment to
| Mandriva's growing Linux user-base.
| The combination of Cedega and FlatOut is seamlessly integrated within
| the MandrivaLinux 2007 installer, giving Linux users access to top tier
| titles as part of the operating system, while also allowing them to play
| hundreds more games, right out of the box. In addition to FlatOut, users
| will be able to play blockbuster titles with Cedega such as Battlefield
| 2, World of WarCraft, Civilization IV, Need for Speed: Most Wanted,
| Madden 2006 and more.


ATI: Linux vs. Windows Vista

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| Wow! We were completely blown away when our final results came in and the
| Linux 8.42.3 driver had outperformed Windows Vista with Catalyst 7.10 in
| Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. It wasn't just a neck-and-neck race but Linux
| was about 10 frames per second faster when running at 1280 x 1024 and 1680 x
| 1050.


SL Speed Showdown: Linux Tops Windoze

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| This was not a scientific study - only a small test which confirmed what I
| thought I had "felt" already while using Second Life on my new PC.


[Microsoft MVP] Foray into Feisty Fawn helped me take back my MIPS

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| Long story short - World of Warcraft runs faster under Ubuntu/Wine than
| natively under Windows XP Professional.


Does WINE + Linux support more Windows apps than Vista?

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| WINE supports most of the applications which are made for Windows
| 2.0 up to Windows XP. WINE has the ability to run different versions
| of IE, run most of Adobe's products, run World of Warcraft, Half Life
| 2, Microsoft Office 2003, XP, 2000 and 97, Visio, Quicken,
| * Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars
| * Need for Speed Carbon
| [...]
| What about drivers, hardware support, and upgrades?
| Want to upgrade you XP to Vista? no chance. might as well do a fresh
| install and shell out $300.


Linux FPS [PCLinuxOS]

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| A few weeks ago I installed PCLinuxOS 2007 and I'm very impressed
| with it. One of the things I like is their package manager--everything
| is there, you don't need to add any extra repositories (a popular
| distro that starts with "U" infuriates me with all the mucking
| around you have to do), and there are never any issues with
| unresolved dependencies.
| Anyway, last week I downloaded through the package manager a
| game called Sauerbraten. It's a great multi player FPS. It's
| completely free and very entertaining to play.


Because penguins need to play too.

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| The Windows camp have a lot of great games to play and a popular
| misconception is that Linux is lacking in games. That is not true.
| There are literally thousands of games for Linux. In fact a lot of
| them have been ported to Windows too.
| [...]
| There are both free and commercial games available. Some of the best
| ones I really like are America's Army, Tremulous and Enemy Territory.


ET:QW Linux Demo Coming TODAY

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| We told you three days ago that the Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Linux demo
| was coming very soon. Well, we've just received confirmation that the Linux
| demo client will be available today! A new ET:QW Windows demo update is
| coming out about noon (CST) and the Linux demo will be out within a few hours
| after that. We'll have more information then.


Games Live DVD

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| Fedora Games spin is a custom variant of Fedora targeted at Linux gamers.
| This is to demonstrate the gaming potential of Fedora without altering user's
| existing configuration. The Live DVD also allows installation to hard disk or
| USB flash. *

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