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Java Sound & Music Software for Linux, Part 3

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| The Java Sound API contains strong support for MIDI, but I was surprised to
| find no full-size MIDI sequencers written for Java. Happily, JavaSound's MIDI
| capabilities are well-exploited by a variety of applications.


Bojam Applies Open Source Principles to Music

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| We've written several times about efforts in the music community to apply
| open source principles to music. For example, Radiohead open sourced a music
| video recently, resulting in many creative variations on the original video.
| Now, Bojam is making waves for its invitation to people everywhere to
| collaborate on mixing and recording original or popular music. Here's how it
| works.



Java Sound & Music Software for Linux, Part 2

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| I'll close this section and this part of my survey with a brief presentation
| of Sonogram, a neat program for analyzing and viewing audio signals in
| various analysis methods and display formats. I've run out of space, but the
| screenshot in Figure 11 should give you an idea of Sonogram's capabilities.
| It's a very cool program, useful and interesting for more than its eye-candy,
| thanks to its wide variety of signal analysis algorithms.


7 Audio Players for Linux - Review

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| This article reviews 7 of the most used audio players for Linux, 2 KDE
| players (Amarok and JuK) and 5 GTK players (Banshee, Beep Media Player,
| Audacious, Exaile and Rhythmbox). I tried to keep the reviews objective,
| however the scores are (and I can't possibly think of a way to do this
| another way) subjective. As later additions, I also included the last version
| of Listen and the Quod Libet player.


42 of the Best Free Linux Audio Software

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| There is an extensive amount of free audio software available on the Linux
| platform which is both mature and sophisticated. In fact, Linux has all the
| tools needed to be a serious contender in music production without a user
| having to venture into the commercial software world.
| To provide an insight into the quality of software that is available, we have
| compiled a list of 42 high quality Linux audio applications, covering a broad
| range of different uses. Most of the titles included here are desktop
| applications sporting an attractive front-end, although we have not forgotten
| console software.


Five of the Best Linux Audio Players

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| Amarok
| Amarok makes use of core components from the K Desktop Environment, but is
| released independently of the central KDE release cycle. Amarok's tagline
| is "Rediscover Your Music", and its development is based around this
| ideology.
| [...]


Adjust Volume of Individual Applications with PulseAudio

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| PulseAudio is the new sound server that’s being included in Ubuntu 8.04 and
| other recent Linux distros. A sound server lets changes be made to sound
| between the applications and sound hardware layers. Among other features,
| PulseAudio provides per-application volume controls, a plugin architecture,
| low-latency, networking features, and good application compatibility. Â* Â*



Why Vista sounds worse

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| Changes to how the latest version of Windows handles audio playback has
| caused unexpected quality issues for musicians and consumers alike, reports
| Tim Anderson

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