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Copyright Act change shifts software rights

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| Change to copyright law will see software developers owning their software by
| default


The case for licensed open source software

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| We have all established the benefits of OSS, but we need to examine the legal
| guidelines associated with the use of OSS - especially for companies
| operating in this, the most transparent age - the twenty first century. LOS
| essentially means a company will benefit from a clear commercial licence,
| which provides legal protections that are not available under the General
| Public License (GPL).
| It’s obvious that every business is diverse and has varied operational
| requirements. For any successful technology implementation, a company (and
| its selected technology partner) must understand these needs explicitly and
| co-ordinate technology solutions to meet these requirements – effectively.
| When examining OSS vs LOS and which would be more relevant to a business, the
| appropriate steps should be taken to understand the benefits and features of
| each and then decide if the premium charged for the licensed version will
| provide better value in return.



Free Software leader slams NZ copyright

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| “New Zealand’s law does not go as far as the DMCA in the US, but it is unjust
| nonetheless,” he says.
| “DRM is nearly always the result of a conspiracy of companies to restrict the
| technology available to the public. Such conspiracy should be a crime, and
| the executives responsible for it should be sentenced to prison.”
| Stallman’s other mission here is to promote the Free Software Movement. The
| creator of the GPL licence, under which most free software is distributed, is
| at pains to correct misunderstandings of what the term “free software” means
| and to draw a distinction between it and the open source movement.


Copyright Depth Perception

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| Friday saw a trip into town with Artichoke to see and hear Richard Stallman
| talking about Copyright vs Community in the Age of Computer Networks. RMS (as
| he likes to be known) was very engaging and spoke passionately about why
| there should be dramatic changes in global copyright law. The lecture theatre
| was packed to overflowing with the cream of Auckland’s Geekerarti and we were
| right in the thick of it.

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