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Will open source work for nanotechnology?

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| Can Open source methodology, with its promise of spreading benefits through
| new varieties of intellectual property, and which has played a major role in
| software development, also play a role in nanotech development? At least one
| MIT researcher, Stephen Steiner, thinks so. He is working on a web site
| for “open source nanotech”.



Franklin and Open Source

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| One of America's most famous scientists and statesmen was also astute enough
| to understand the value of the free flow of ideas. Although an inventor of no
| small acclaim, his inventions for the most part were freely shared for the
| benefits of society, yet he still made his way in life richly and was both
| socially and financially successful.


The commons, the state and transformative politics

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| Here, free and open software is not just an inspirational metaphor but also a
| material tool for facilitating this kind of collaboration between individual
| users and public sector workers, shifting the balance of power from
| centralised public service management towards the user and the skilled
| service provider. It is also a tool for shifting co-ordination between
| different parts of a public service, moving us from a hierarchical to a
| co-operative model. This in turn will allow for greater autonomy in the local
| provision of local services under active local control while at the same time
| collaborating and co-ordinating across a wider territory.


Software Science vs Software Evolution, or Software Science and Software

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| And yet the unanticipated success of high profile technologies like Linux,
| Apache, MySQL, PHP, and even Rails suggest that complementing software
| science with software evolution is likely to yield even more impressive
| results. By all means, employ science to focus and hone your investments when
| necessary, but don’t forget that evolution is where true innovation comes
| from. * * *


The Software God Delusion

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| Open source isn’t religion; it’s an evolution of the software industry.


Have we raised a generation of technology drones?

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| I have been in the IT field long enough to remember when we didn't
| live in a Microsoft centric world. Several office applications from
| different vendors existed: Wordstar, Ami Pro/Word Pro, WordPerfect,
| Word, etc. Everyone had their preferences, based on needs, personal
| preferences, support and sometimes just on having learned a particular
| application first. Microsoft's domination in the office and now
| educational desktop seems to have led to a generation of technology
| drones. How can competition exist when anything not produced by Microsoft
| is considered to be a lesser product?

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