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Improving boot time on a general Linux distribution, not an easy task

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| We have just just released Mandriva Linux 2009 RC2 (with GNOME 2.24 final
| version, among new features , as well as reduce boot time on a lot of
| systems.
| I thought it would be interesting to explain the various things we tried to
| save some seconds when booting, since it is a hot topic these days, with
| impressive results from various people, including Arjan Van de Ven 5s boot on
| a EEE 901 PC, even if I don't agree with all Arjan conclusions, mostly
| because it is not always possible to achieve the same kind of tuning with a
| flexible distribution which can run on many hardware platform, in contrast of
| a stripped installation and on a single (and now underpowered) hardware
| platform (Unfortunately, Mandriva folks couldn't attend to LPC this year,
| because we were busy working on Mandriva 2009 release ; let's hope new year
| LPC schedule won't conflict with our own schedule).


Picture of Mandriva 2009:


Mandriva One 2009 - KDE4 - RC1

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| With its complete hardware detection, out of the box support and all in one
| stop control center and no major bugs, this release is going to be another
| success story for Mandriva.


Mandriva Linux 2009 RC1 - Camelopard


Mandriva 2009 RC1 Has KDE 4.1.1

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| A few minutes ago, Mandriva has announced the first release candidate version
| of Mandriva 2009, which brings a greatly improved package management tool,
| with automatic mirror selection and repository configuration. Dubbed
| camelopard, this first RC replaces the old madwifi wireless driver with the
| brand new ath5k, for all Atheros cards, and brings further improvements to
| the Ora theme. The development cycle of Mandriva 2009 will continue with the
| second release candidate in late September, and will conclude with the final
| release in early October. With the 2009 edition, Mandriva Linux will try to
| compete with the current release of openSUSE 11.0 and the upcoming Ubuntu
| 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex), and even to "steal" some of their devoted users.


Mandriva Linux 2009 RC1 is available

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| Mandriva Linux 2009 Release Candidate 1 (code name camelopard) is available
| on public mirrors now (or will be in the coming hours).


Mandriva Linux 2009 RC 1


Mandriva Linux 2009 Beta 2 released

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| Mandriva is proud to announce the release of Mandriva Linux 2009 Beta
| 2 'okapi'. This beta includes a completely new installer for the Free (and,
| in the final release, Powerpack) edition, and is testing the Fedora
| system-config-printer printer configuration tool as an alternative to
| printerdrake. The new beta also brings Firefox 3, OpenOffice.org 3.0 beta,
| and support for the ethernet adapter used in many new Eee (and other netbook)
| models.


10 Most Beautiful Plasma Themes for KDE 4 Desktop

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| The latest series of the K Desktop Environment now utilizes Plasma, a new
| desktop and panel user interface tool that aims for a more functional,
| user-friendly, and sleek KDE desktop. Plasma also supports Dashboard-like
| widgets called plasmoids.


Mandriva 2009 Beta 1 Brings You KDE 4.1

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| Mandriva announced the first beta release of Mandriva 2009, which brings KDE
| 4.1, GNOME 2.23.5, Firefox 3, and the final version of Linux kernel 2.6.26
| with tethering support for Windows Mobile 5+. Also, in this beta, the old
| bootsplash is finally replaced by Splashy and the synce framework makes its
| first appearance, which brings synchronization support for Windows Mobile
| 2003 devices.


2009.0 Beta 1

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| The first beta for Mandriva Linux 2009, code named thornicrofti, is now
| available. There is information about the new release in various places:
| * * * Mandriva Linux 2009 release notes: these will be updated to reflect the
| * * * status of the current pre-release.
| * * * Mandriva Linux 2009 Errata: these will be updated to reflect the status
| * * * of the current pre-release.
| * * * A guide to some major new features of Mandriva Linux 2009
| * * * The release schedule and technical specifications for Mandriva Linux
| * * * 2009: all of these may not be implemented.


Mandriva Linux 2009 Alpha 2 released

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| Mandriva is proud to announce the release of Mandriva Linux 2009 Spring Alpha
| 2, marking the first public pre-release of the upcoming Mandriva Linux 2009.
| This alpha introduces several significant changes, most obviously the
| inclusion of KDE 4 - 4.1 beta 2, specifically - as the default version of
| KDE, and the latest development version of GNOME, 2.23.4. The kernel has also
| been updated to release 2.6.26rc7.


Living with Mandriva 2008

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| This is currently my favorite popular distro. From a practical standpoint, I
| feel it is better than Windows Vista. I don’t say that as a Linux slappy.
| Looking at it from an angle of which OS enables me to do the things I need to
| do day in and day out, Mandriva shines. My next article will compare Vista
| and Mandriva 2008 in depth, and I will convince you why 2008 wins.


Mandriva Plunge: following the 2009 release

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| On the plus side, this Alpha 2 release is far more stable on this laptop than
| the previous stable release. It’s fast, snappy and the screen doesn’t freeze
| or lock on me. If this is the starting point I am more than curious to see
| how it pans out in the coming months.


Mandriva Linux 2009.0 First Impressions

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| All in all I'm impressed, both with Mandriva 2009.0, and it's only an Alpha
| release, and KDE4. Never thought I'd say that.


Notes from the Field: Mandriva 2009 KDE Alpha 2

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| I choose to test the alpha 2 release with the KDE desktop because Mandriva
| 2009 will eventually ship using KDE 4.1, everone's favorite desktop. Alpha 2
| is also supposed to ship with the latest video drivers for both ATI and
| nVidia, which means that it should also support Compiz. Unfortunately alpha 2
| did not, even though the current version of Mandriva does, and quite well.


Mandriva 2009 Alpha 2 Brings You a Beautiful KDE 4 Desktop

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| Mandriva announced last night the second alpha release of Mandriva 2009,
| which brings KDE4 (default desktop), GNOME 2.23.4, and support for the newest
| NVIDIA and ATI/AMD video cards.

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