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Ricoh and UNETsystem Join Forces to Enhance Security Compliance

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| A Microsoft(C) software platform, NAP supports devices that operate on
| Microsoft Windows OS, but Ricoh devices use Linux or Unix. The objective of
| Ricoh-UNETsystem collaborative work is to develop a customized solution with
| unetsha Linux version, for implementing the NAP client functionality on Ricoh
| devices. With this solution, IT managers can enhance the security level of
| corporate networks by conducting NAP-based security compliance checks on
| Ricoh products.


Atheros is helping too:

Open source Atheros HAL to help Wifi developers under Linux

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| WiFi chipset maker Atheros announced that it has published the source code
| for a Wifi hardware abstraction layer (HAL) for Atheros chipsets. The
| announcement was made by Luis R. Rodriguez, a WiFi developer at Atheros, who
| stated that the HAL source code is licensed under the ISC licence, a modified
| BSD licence.



Not sure what to buy for Wireless? Buy Atheros

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| Atheros has now stepped up to the plate and delivered a home run on
| Open-Licensed support for their wireless drivers, and not just any any
| wireless drivers. The code for their latest 802.11n cards is already online :
| http://wireless.kernel.org/en/users/Drivers/ath9k
| According to Mad Wifi, Atheros has hired Luis Rodriguez and Jouni Malinen,
| who are going to continue to work on the driver. That means this release
| isn't a simple code dump to look good on paper. Nor is the release
| semi-opened up, it's under the ISC License, which is what the radically
| open-licensed OpenBSD developers are using.


Atheros Releases Free Linux Driver For Its 802.11n Devices

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| Atheros has released a shiny new Atheros driver for all their 11n devices
| aimed for inclusion in the Linux kernel. This new driver has no proprietary
| HAL and is licensed under the ISC license, so the BSD community should be
| able to benefit as well. Note: no firmware required!


Atheros Releases 802.11n Linux Driver

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| Last September we reported that MadWiFi was abandoning their proprietary HAL
| and really the driver itself for that matter. The developers behind the
| popular MadWiFi Linux driver were ceasing work on it in favor of starting up
| a new driver called ath5k using OpenHAL. Two of the key developers were also
| hired by Atheros, the wireless chipset company itself. Through these recent
| improvements, Atheros has went from a company being criticized for their lack
| of Linux support to one with impecable possibilities.


Linux WiFi array certified FIPS 140-2

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| A provider of Linux-based WiFi arrays announced certification by the National
| Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST). The cyptographic module in
| Xirrus's 802.11a/b/g-compliant "WiFi Arrays" has received Federal Information
| Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2 validation, says the company, opening the
| door to more U.S. government markets. * *

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