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100 reasons Linux beats Windows

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| 1. You don’t have to “activate” Linux by phone or Internet.
| 2. If you change your hardware and re-install Linux you don’t have to call
| someone to justify it.
| 3. There’s no such thing as Linux Genuine Advantage.


5 Things That Make Linux Great

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| Over the past 15 years or so, Linux has gained worldwide acceptance as a
| first-rate server operating system but do you know why? It's because Linux
| can also be used as a Desktop operating system, like Windows, on your
| personal computer at home or in the office. This article gives you a look at
| the five biggest reasons why you should take a look at Linux for yourself or
| your business.



Vista Is No Linux

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| Most people don't need Windows or its software. So, you show these people
| Linux on a Live CD; show them Open Office; show them Thunderbird or Evolution
| Mail; show them Pidgin; show them the hundreds of other applications that are
| just as good as if not better than their Windows counterparts. Then, you look
| at them, and you say these magic words, “And it's free.”
| You wouldn't believe how many people switch.


Vista SP1: Still lagging behind the Linux desktop

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| I've now been working with Vista SP1, the so-called RTM (release to
| manufacturing) version, for about two weeks. I am amazed at how little
| improvement I see in this so-called major update.
| Last year, I took a long, hard look at Vista versus desktop Linux, testing
| SimplyMEPIS 6, in a four-part series. In the months since then, we've learned
| that Microsoft lied about how much hardware was needed to run Vista in an
| affair that we're now calling Vistagate.
| Personally, I didn't need to see Microsoft/Intel e-mails to know that "Vista
| Capable" PC requirements were so much BS. I found that doubling Microsoft's
| minimum daily PC requirements would get you to the point of a bearable Vista
| experience. Not a good one, mind you, just one that wouldn't have you pulling
| out your hair.

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