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A brief tour of small PCs

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| It runs Linux, which means you'll likely need to hunt for software codecs and
| hardware drivers, but you'd be hard pressed to find a cheaper, smaller PC.
| We'd recommend it to anyone looking for a cheap entry into the world of
| Linux.


£229 Acer Aspire One Netbook, 1.6GHz, 120GB 8.9 Inch Display, Linux OS

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| The Aspire one is great for getting things done: whether you're checking your
| mail, managing your online bank account or chatting with friends, the Aspire
| one offers a simple, intuitive Linux interface that clearly organizes
| everything you need to surf, work or simply have fun


Shops I've been to present such laptops as "running the Linux OS". Many other
Linux devices like the Archos family are out there and selling well. It turns
out that even Intel engineers (my brother in law) use Linux (SUSE) for work.
They don't say this in public.


Acer Aspire One Review

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| The Aspire One comes preinstalled with Linpus Linux, which in turn is based
| on Fedora Core 8. I’m not really a fan of rpm distributions, but Acer have
| tuned this installation to the point where it will resume from suspend in
| around 10 seconds, and cold boot to the desktop in less than 20 seconds, so
| I’m reluctant to change.


Acer: Aspire One HSDPA support is imminent

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| Right now, the Linux version of the AA1 won't support a USB HSDPA modem out
| of the box - though there's a flyer in the package that invites owenrs to
| download code that will allow the Small, Cheap Computer to do so.
| So far, though, Acer has yet to release the code.
| The Connection Manager utility works, Perenz told Register Hardware, and is
| now undergoing final testing ahead of its release.
| In the meantime, some AA1 owners have turned to a Linux version of Vodafone's
| Mobile Connect in a bid to get their SCCs connecting at mobile broadband
| speeds. However, the utility doesn't support all the available HSPDA modems,
| only those resold by the carrier.

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