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Iron, a private version of Chromium from Germany

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| SRWare, a German company, has released Iron, based on Google's Chromium code.
| The big difference, according to the authors on their German language-only
| web site, is that the features which have caused people to question the
| privacy of Google's browser are all disabled.


That's the power of open source.



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| Until Chrome came along, Google's Master Mobile Plan didn't quite add up. Now
| it does. Chrome -- Google's new superbrowser -- is cream on the top of a new
| mobile software stack. Let's call it GACL, for Gears, Android and Chrome on
| Linux. Gears is a way to run Web apps on desktops and store data locally as
| well as in the cloud. Android is a development framework for Linux-based
| mobile devices. Chrome is a browser, but not just for pages. Chrome also runs
| apps. In that respect, it's more than the UI-inside-a-window that all
| browsers have become. It's essentially an operating system.


Chrome expected on Google's Android mobile software

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| In yet another example of Google's expanding influence, the search company's
| co-founder, Sergey Brin, said he expects the new Chrome browser to eventually
| become part of the Android wireless phone platform, which is under separate
| development by the Open Handset Alliance led by Google.


NetSuite Says Chrome-optimized Apps Are Flying

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| It was in line with the likelihood of summer following spring that somebody
| would declare an application optimized for Google's Chrome, the new web
| browser that has dominated the geekier end of technology news this week. And
| it turns out that that somebody is the rising star of the
| software-as-a-service movement, NetSuite.


New Firefox JavaScript engine is faster than Chrome's V8

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| One of the most impressive features in Google's open source Chrome web
| browser is V8, a high-performance JavaScript virtual machine that was
| developed by a team of specialists in Denmark. Although Chrome's performance
| beats the current stable version of Firefox, benchmarks show that Mozilla's
| next-generation JavaScript engine actually outperforms V8.


Chrome aims to kill Windows, make Web the OS of choice

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| Mike Masnick, president and CEO of IT research firm Techdirt, agreed that
| Chrome is a key part of Google's strategy top make the operating system
| obsolete.

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