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Flock: Firefox's Social Cousin

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| In June, updates on two browsers were released: Firefox version 3 and Flock
| version 2 (beta). Those in the know are already aware that the Flock browser
| was built (at least in part) with Firefox 3 code as its foundation.


Epiphany, the ultimate Gnome browser

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| Firefox is a great browser. However, it’s a tad on the bloated side (even
| though the new version are definitely better!). Also, Firefox is focused on
| cross-platform compatibility. That’s great, but sometimes that also means
| that Firefox won’t be able to take advantage of Gnome-specific features,
| including the unified look, better language support, and HIG-compliant
| settings. If you’ve been feeling these Firefox blues as well, Epiphany could
| be the answer.


"Bill Gates looks at everything as something that should be his. He acts in any
way he can to make it his. It can be an idea, market share, or a contract.
There is not an ounce of conscientiousness or compassion in him. The notion of
fairness means nothing to him. The only thing he understands is leverage."

--Philippe Kahn


Short Review: Epiphany Browser

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| Epiphany is GNOME's default web browser, using the Mozilla Gecko layout
| engine to render web pages. It uses less resources and it's lighter than
| Firefox at the cost of configuration and features, which are only basic.


Top 4 Browsers for Linux Reviewed

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| In the past, I have discussed the various browsers out there for us to enjoy
| at length. Despite this, there has always been the question as to which one
| was best for which type of person. After all, we all know what each offers,
| but which one best fits different type of users? In this article, I hope to
| better answer that particular question. And of course, all platforms will be
| considered, not just Linux.


The Browser Wars : Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer and Flock

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| Firefox is a browser designed from scratch to be secure, fast and
| customisable. It is the safest browser available, as it doesn’t contain many
| of the more obvious vulnerabilities that IE has, such as ActiveX components
| so often used to install spyware on IE-users’ machines. Firefox is still
| under very active development by a huge community of volunteer coders, many
| of whom worked at Netscape in its heyday. If a vulnerability is found, it is
| corrected and an update made available in days, sometimes hours. This means
| Firefox cannot fall into the same trap that IE did — receiving no updates for
| years and having its various security holes get exploited by thousands of
| hackers and virus writers.


Browser faceoff: IE vs Firefox vs Opera vs Safari

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| The worst-performing browser in our tests is Internet Explorer 7 — The
| SunSpider JavaScript benchmark, in particular, shows up the deficiencies of
| Microsoft's current browser. Things may change with Internet Explorer 8, as
| the first beta version shows a significant performance improvement. However,
| the competition is not standing still, with new versions of Firefox (3) and
| Opera (9.5) closer to release than IE 8.

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