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Mozilla CTO Sees an Upside to the Browser Wars

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| "The future of the Web is bright," Eich told InternetNews.com. "We talk about
| things like Silverlight and Adobe AIR being a threat to the open Web but they
| won't succeed in displacing the reach of the Web. Competition is going strong
| in the Web browser market and I think that will bring them all up towards
| parity and keep them evolving in ways developers want."


Ogg audio/video for the Web is coming. That was among the few excuses to use
blobs, which SVG+JS/Ajax make obsolete.


Firefox to Support Open Video Format in Next Release

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| Chris Blizzard reports from this week’s Mozilla Summit: Firefox will natively
| support the Ogg Theora video format!


two cool things: ogg support in mozilla and canvas for IE


Theora Video Backend for Firefox Landed

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| It was announced at the Firefix Plus summit today that Firefox will include
| native Theora and Vorbis support for the HTML 5 media elements. So