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Adobe Answers to Linux Development Questions

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| That last answer is very interesting. There is some ridicule out on the WWW
| and on USENET that looks at the LSB Product Directory and scoffs that LSB is
| no good and thus Linux is no good. This is one of the usual Fear and
| Uncertainty through Disinformation (FUD) tactics used by those who hate Linux
| and want you to hate it too. Obviously companies, like Adobe, are using the
| LSB tests and certifying for themselves. They are not then certifying with
| The Linux Foundation to be placed in the LSB Product Directory nor are they
| using the LSB trademark.


Adobe's position on software patents has changed?

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| Here is the position of Adobe on software patents in 1994 published by James
| Huggins:
| Let me make my position on the patentability of software clear. I believe
| that software per se should not be allowed patent protection. I take this
| position as the creator of software and as the beneficiary of the rewards
| that innovative software can bring in the marketplace. I do not take this
| position because I or my company are eager to steal the ideas of others
| in our industry. Adobe has built its business by creating new markets
| with new software. We take this position because it is the best policy
| for maintaining a healthy software industry, where innovation can
| prosper.
| The problems inherent in certain aspects of the patent process for
| software-related inventions are well-known, the difficulties of finding
| and citing prior art, the problems of obviousness, the difficulties of
| adequate specifications for software are a few of those problems.
| However, I argue that software should not be patented, not because it is
| difficult to do so, but because it is wrong to do so.



Archiving Documents

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| Archiving is a rather loaded word since doing it can be a widely varying
| activity. In many situations, archiving PDF files is a very good solution. In
| fact it was so attractive to some US Government agencies that they encouraged
| their personnel to work on an ISO committee/working group to define a special
| subset of PDF called PDF/A that meets their needs better than plain old PDF
| might.


Adobe Opens Up (A Bit)

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| I will come as no surprise to readers of this blog that the old proprietary
| software companies are finally seeing the light and beginning – some faster,
| some slower – to open up. Adobe is one such company, and to consolidate its
| moves it has set up a new site, called simply Adobe Open Source...


Adobe AIR on Linux: Pre-Beta Testers Needed

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| As of today there have only been releases of Adobe AIR for Windows and Mac
| but Adobe is committed to also delivering a version for Linux. This is great
| news for developers like me who use Linux as their primary desktop operating
| system.


Adobe Pushes DRM for Flash

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| Now Adobe, which controls Flash and Flash Video, is trying to change that
| with the introduction of DRM restrictions in version 9 of its Flash Player
| and version 3 of its Flash Media Server software. Instead of an ordinary web
| download, these programs can use a proprietary, secret Adobe protocol to talk
| to each other, encrypting the communication and locking out non-Adobe
| software players and video tools. We imagine that Adobe has no illusions that
| this will stop copyright infringement -- any more than dozens of other DRM
| systems have done so -- but the introduction of encryption does give Adobe
| and its customers a powerful new legal weapon against competitors and
| ordinary users through the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

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