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How would it be if you read only one type of book?

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| A computer literacy programme in a public sector organisation teaches the
| following modules: MS Office, MS Power Point, MS Excelsheet and Internet
| Explorer. A glance through the “computer syllabus” in most schools, and the
| list is similar. All items on this checklist have one thing in common:
| proprietary software. So, if every computer user is being taught exclusively
| on proprietary platforms, would they ever be comfortable switching to the
| easier, cheaper and readily available alternatives?
| Advocates of Free Software — software which can be used, studied and
| distributed without restriction — say that this is a ploy by proprietors to
| turn learners into potential customers. They allege that educational systems
| and the State are in cahoots with these large corporations which insist that
| children and learning adults be taught to only follow their system.


Why is it important to go the ‘free’ way?

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| One of the most misleading aspects of the “debate” on free software — or Open
| Source software — pertains to what is meant by “free.” Those ridiculing the
| free software activists — typically dismissed as “the techie types” — portray
| them as a bunch of folks who just want software to be sold for free.
| However, those who passionately advocate free software argue that their
| emphasis is on free, as in freedom. “Let software be free from the shackles
| of full-fledged commercial exploitation” seems to be their refrain. It is
| important to steer clear of the pejorative connotations implied by those who
| adopt an adversarial stand on free software.



'Indians can't afford dollar-denominated software'

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| He added IT will no longer be the prerogative of the English speaking elite.
| Red Hat Enterprise Linux, for instance, is available in 11 local languages.
| Here in India, “we concentrate on four key verticals— the government,
| Banking, Financial Services and Insurance companies, telecom and education,”
| Whitehurst added.


C-DAC Launches BOSS Linux Version 3.0, Signs MoU with NIC

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| The Center for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) has launched its
| Bharat Operating Systems Solutions (BOSS) Linux software version 3.0
| developed by the National Resource Center for Free/Open Source Software
| (NRCFOSS). BOSS is a GNU/Linux distribution for enhancing the use of Free and
| Open Source Software (FOSS) in the country.


Say Ubuntu!!!

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| Chennai, India.
| The city administration awarded the school toppers with free laptops. Thanks
| to the organizers for the Ubuntu screens (otherwise we wouldn't have known).



Indian Courts started supporting Linux

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| Towards Speedy, Inexpensive, Transparent and Accountable Justice
| Recently the Judicial Departments has taken steps towards the opensource
| softwares and they have started the operations for that they initially
| distributed around
| 10000 nos of laptops of hp along with the Redhat enterprise linux 5 along
| with the internet connection to their officers.


C-DAC Releases Five New Products at Elitex 2008

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| C-DAC’s commitment towards bridging the digital divide with Free and Open
| Source Software has crossed another major milestone with the release of
| Bharat Operating Systems Solutions (BOSS) Server Version, which can be used
| in the Government departments as an Intranet Server. The BOSS Linux Server
| has several valuable features that includes a user-friendly GUI Front end
| that has Fire fox, Thunderbird and also supports printers and USB devices
| such as cameras. Presently it supports Intel and AMD x86/x86-64 architecture
| and is being tested on other architectures. Another key feature of BOSS Linux
| is the ability to remotely control the server. BOSS Linux Server is mainly
| targeted towards Government departments / SME’s and also towards Linux distro
| (distribution) developers for further development on Linux.

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