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Ease Linux Deployments With Cobbler

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| As soon as you start administering more than a couple of Linux machines you
| become aware of two things: You need to be able to reinstall machines quickly
| and easily, and you need to be able to customize the load of each machine
| without starting from scratch.


Useful for clustering.

Do-it-Yourself YouTube Uses Open Source Project Panda and Amazon EC2

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| Behind the open source project is the British firm New Bamboo, specialists in
| software development based on Ruby on Rails. As expected, you can integrate
| Panda in your Ruby on Rails applications; details are on a Panda webpage. The
| New Bamboo Panda source code is available for download under an MIT license
| at the github site.


And Amazon uses Red Hat, IIRC.


Three German KDE Deployments

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| The IT Service Center Berlin has announced the development of a desktop
| system for the public services in Germany's capital (Google Translate to
| English). This is yet another public body making the switch to the Free
| Desktop system


Open Source Moodle Heads to the Amazon Cloud

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| Infinity Learning Solutions announces a cloud computing solution for Moodle
| using the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform. Included in the offering is an
| optional single sign-on integration with DigitalChalk, a streaming video
| lesson authoring and delivery system also available on AWS.


JBoss Joins Red Hat Enterprise Linux on Amazon EC2

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| Red Hat on Tuesday made its JBoss Java middleware available through
| Amazon.com's Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) service, eight months after it gave
| customers access to its Enterprise Linux on its technology partner's
| computing infrastructure.


Red Hat Prepping Managed Services Strategy

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| The convergence of open source with managed services and software as a
| service (SaaS) continues. The latest example: Red Hat, arguably the world’s
| best-known open source company, has created two staff positions to serve
| hosting partners. Plus, Red Hat is evaluating a strategy to work more closely
| with managed service providers, MSPmentor has learned. Here’s the scoop. * *


Amazon keeps getting the Cloud right while everyone else snoozes

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| The cloud has become one of the most interesting market dynamics since open
| source.


Red Hat, Amazon deliver Linux on demand

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| Red Hat made its Enterprise Linux OS available on demand Wednesday by
| releasing it for the Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) service that hosts
| business applications. The move is part of Red Hat's so-called "automation"
| strategy, which aims to deliver a Linux and open-source infrastructure for
| simplifying how applications run and are managed.

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