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Desktop Virtualisation Today

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| It’s the latest release of Sun xVM VirtualBox 2.0.2 running on my Ubuntu
| Hardy Desktop edition, with Windows XP (that came with this laptop) as a
| guest, and Adobe Photoshop, the only remaining Windows application I still
| use. (if you discount the browsers I use for web development testing on
| different platforms, with Chrome being the latest addition)



VirtualBox update brings improved performance and 64-bit support

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| Sun has released the first update to its recently purchased desktop
| virtualization program, now called Sun xVM VirtualBox 2.0. While not a major
| update, it does bring improved performance and 64-bit operating system
| support to the popular open source virtualization program.


VirtualBox 2.0.2

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| Powerful x86 virtualization products for enterprise as well as home use. Not
| only is VirtualBox an extremely feature rich, high performance product for
| enterprise customers, it is also the only professional solution that is
| freely available as Open Source Software under the terms of the GNU General
| Public License (GPL). See "About VirtualBox" for an introduction;
| see "innotek" for more about our company.


VirtualBox 2.0

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| SUN released a new major release of their virtual machine software
| VirtualBox. Highlights in this release are 64bit guest support, a new GUI and
| also an enterprise subscription model.



VirtualBox: A Review

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| Overall, VirtualBox is an excellent application for virtualizing your
| favorite operating systems. I use it to virtually run all of the operating
| systems that we talk about here on LinuxHow2, such as Ubuntu, Fedora, Gentoo,
| and *PCLinuxOS. Virtual machines are a great way to test new operating
| systems, sandbox an OS, and quickly wipe out and reinstall problem operating
| systems; it's becoming common to virtual an operating system, because of the
| speed of use, and because said operating system does not directly interfere
| with the host OS, if it's infected with viruses (as is often the case with
| Windows) or you just plain don't need it anymore, it's as simple as one click
| to delete it off your system for good.


VirtualBox: The best virtualization program you've never heard of

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| InnoTek, a software company in Stuttgart, Germany, has released both a
| proprietary and a GPLv2 open-source version of the program. The VirtualBox
| OSE (open-source edition) has a subset of the features of the proprietary
| version.

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