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Sun: OpenSolaris 'pretty freaking amazing'

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| 150,000 developers strong?
| Recently, Sun was touting the fact that more than 150,000 people have joined
| the OpenSolaris community. This is a pretty big number, particularly since
| the first release of OpenSolaris, dubbed 2008.05 and developed under the
| code-name "Project Indiana," only started shipping in May. That number
| doesn't tell the whole story.
| For one thing, it is not a measure of downloads. According to Dan Roberts,
| director of marketing for Solaris at Sun, the project allows completely
| anonymous downloads of OpenSolaris and also uses mirrors to distribute the
| code. OpenSolaris 2008.05 accounted for a couple hundred thousand downloads
| from the project's systems and maybe half again as many downloads on mirror
| sites.


OpenSolaris 0811-98 Screenshots


CDDL inside.


Enterprise Unix Roundup: OpenSolaris, Farm Team or Big League?

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| To make it big in the enterprise, a platform must be on par with the Unix
| operating systems, the current meme says. And — interestingly — in this world
| view, OpenSolaris is not in the majors.


Does OpenSolaris Matter?

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| I'm not sure.
| Sun first announced OpenSolaris in 2005 but they keep finding ways to
| announce 'first releases'. Yesterday was one such release.


OpenSolaris 2008.05: Not quite there

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| It seems obvious to me that OpenSolaris was meant as a LiveCD distribution
| first, and a standalone OS second. There are some strange behaviors present
| in the desktop install that need ironing out before I can use it regularly.
| The fact that I can't install it *at all* on my desktop doesn't help.
| That aside, it's always exciting to see a major player make a new offering to
| the open-source world. The much-needed visual refresh has brought Solaris out
| of the CDE stone age and made it look like something new, even if the code
| base traces its lineage back to mainframe UNIX.
| Unfortunately, past the new gloss I can't see any real advantage for me in
| using OpenSolaris over any of the hundreds of Linux distributions already out
| there.
| If Sun wants to make progress with me, they'll need to come up with some sort
| of compelling argument as to the virtues of Solaris over Linux. Without a
| strong differentiator, it will be easy for the Linux world at large to
| dismiss OpenSolaris as just another GNOME-centric distro.

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