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Teksys bulks up with Tech MS acquisition

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| Tech MS has a drawer full of badges: it is a Microsoft Gold Partner, an HP
| Platinum partner and a partner of VMWare and Citrix. The West-London based
| firm has been growing fast.


Rumor: HP shutting down Voodoo?

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| A rumor is circulating that Hewlett-Packard is closing the gaming PC outfit
| it bought just two years ago.
| The report comes from a blog called Techgage, which cites an "insider close
| to the situation," who reports an e-mail announcing layoffs is circulating at
| the company, though the report doesn't include a specific number of jobs
| being cut. It also reports that Voodoo is returning parts to its supplier.


24,000 layoffs coming in H-P. Massive buybacks too. Time for them to take
GNU/Linux seriously, or else they'll be Dellified.


HP Layoffs: GroundWork Open Source Smells Blood

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| Sometimes, bad or stressful news for one company spells opportunity for
| another. Consider the situation at GroundWork Open Source, a systems
| management company that competes with Hewlett-Packard OpenView. Apparently,
| GroundWork Open Source is looking to capitalize on the layoff news out of HP.
| Here’s a look.


HP's 'End Run' Around Windows

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| As Hewlett-Packard steps up efforts to make Microsoft's operating system
| easier to use, some want to devise a rival version with Linux
| [...]
| Others in HP's PC division are exploring the possibility of building an HP
| operating system for mainstream desktop and notebook computers based on the
| open-source Linux system, which competes with Windows, say people familiar
| with the company's plans. The goals may be to make HP less dependent on new
| releases of Windows, and to strengthen HP's hand against Apple (AAPL), which
| has gained market share with computers that boast innovative features and
| inspire a loyal following of users.


Microsoft Is Giving Up on Windows

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| It's true: Microsoft has confirmed that it's abandoning Windows as we know
| it. Cagey as ever, the Microsofties won't say when it'll happen, but they
| have talked a little bit about what the next OS is going to look like--or not
| look like.
| [...]
| Midori for Linux?
| One of my smarter-than-me buddies, Gary F., told me that Linus Torvalds
| worked on something called Midori a few years ago, an embedded Linux for
| mobile devices: "I doubt Microsoft would ever release something that could be
| traced back to Linux, but if I recall correctly, Transmeta's Midori had some
| rudimentary 'cloud computing' features vaguely similar to Microsoft's
| Midori." Read "Details emerge on Transmeta's "Mobile Linux" and "Transmeta
| Exports Midori Linux to China" for details.


Microsoft to kill Windows with 'web-centric' Midori?

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| Microsoft continues to downplay the importance of Midori by saying it is just
| a research project.


Microsoft loses 90 Billion Dollars [in less than a year]

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