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Zarafa open sources Exchange alternative

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| On the heels of the global Software Freedom Day this past weekend, Zarafa has
| released the full source code for its Exchange server alternative.



Serena Acquires Project Management Software Maker

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| Serena Software acquires Projity, maker of an open-source project management
| solution called OpenProj and a software-as-a-service project management
| offering. OpenProj is available for Windows, Linux, Macintosh and Unix, and
| works with leading open-source office suites including Sun’s StarOffice, IBM
| Symphony and OpenOffice.org.



Open source project management app hits 500K downloads

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| Open source application OpenProj, a Microsoft Project replacement, has been
| downloaded more than 500,000 times, says Marc O'Brien, CEO of OpenProj's
| sponsoring company Projity.


Projity exanding open source, Saas attack against Microsoft Project

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| “We’ve got major visibility at the distros. We are speaking to Red Hat,
| Novell, and Ubuntu and we’re getting a warm reception because those companies
| are now orienting their desktops to the business community where ROI is
| important,” he said. *


OpenProj Review: An OSS Alternative to Microsoft Project

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| Even in its current standing, however, I can see a lot of people getting
| behind this project. Just as long as they can manage to get themselves past
| the Java aspect of its development. *


Microsoft Project to get open source competition

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| Projity, which has been selling its project management software in the form
| of Software as a Service (SaaS), will launch an open source version at
| LinuxWorld next week, under the name OpenProj. *
| [...]
| In addition to a Linux version, there will be Macintosh and Windows versions
| of the software as well.
| [...]
| Talks are also underway with OpenOffice about integration with that suite,
| and the current version already reads Microsoft Project files.
| O’Brien believes the latest version of Microsoft Office leaves Big Green
| vulnerable to this kind of open source attack.


Chennai Corporation opts for Open Office

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| More than 220 computers are networked at the civic headquarters. Officials
| decided that the licence fee alone would run to a hefty amount and decided to
| switch over to the open source alternative. *
| A senior official said: “We are able to do pretty much all we want — write
| documents, make presentations and maintain ledgers.” *


100,000,000 OpenOffice.org fans can't be wrong

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| Simon's official response explained the business rationale behind
| offering support for OpenOffice.org: "OpenOffice.org has becomep
| henomenally successful, Sun alone has shipped more than 70 million
| copies of OpenOffice.org 2.0," he said. "Out there, there
| are maybe 100 million copies of OpenOffice.org. It would be
| senseless to ignore that opportunity."


Wal-Mart to sell $300 PC with OpenOffice

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| Dell followed a similar strategy on July 10 when it withheld bloatware from
| its new Vostro line of PCs for small business users after a long campaign by
| bloggers and Dell customers against common practice by PC vendors of loading
| unrequested software onto new computers. Software companies fund the effort
| as a way to find new users. * *


And the centre of your desktop is...

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| We had an overwhelming response to our reader poll in this area with over
| 4,800 of you participating, so thanks to those who took the time.
| [...]
| The only competition at the moment is from open source office suites,
| OpenOffice in particular, which around one in five Reg readers are
| personally using.

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