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X Input 1.5 Gets Device Properties

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| While X Input 2 isn't ready yet, Peter Hutterer has back-ported his device
| properties protocol into the X Input 1.5 extension. Last night on the X.Org
| mailing list he proposed his patches for the X Server that will remove the
| Configure/Query property functionality and replace it with his device
| properties protocol. This work comes in the form of three patches for the X
| Server plus patches that will be required for the evdev and inputproto
| support.


[FusionDev] Compiz Fusion 0.7.8 released !

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| Compiz Fusion 0.7.8 released !
| This is the fourth development release of Compiz Fusion 0.7 series, which
| will be the basis for the stable 0.8.0 release. This release, based on Compiz
| 0.7.8, brings the usual translations updates and bug fixes plus some work on
| kde4 integration and a lot of improvement to animations plugin (more on this
| below). A quick changelog highlighting the main new features in this version
| and a fully detailed changelog are available below.



New Compiz Shatter Effect!

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| For a while now, I’ve wanted an effect for Compiz Fusion that makes closing
| windows look like shattering glass. I finally got around to coding it up, and
| am pretty pleased with the results! Take a look at the demo videos to see
| what I mean!



New Triangular Tessalations for Compiz

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| In addition to the being able to break the window into hexagonal and
| rectangular shapes, using my triangular tessellation code found in the
| extra-animations plugin, Compiz can now break up the window into triangular
| shapes.
| The effect is used currently in the explode and leaf spread effects. I also
| added hexagonal tesselation to the leafspread effect.


New Compiz plugins

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| Besides these additions, Freewins plugin from our one and only C-F
| dev/journalist SmSpillaz has improved leaps and bounds, keep up the great
| work. Freewins plugin allows you to rotate any window in any direction (yes
| including in 3D).


Introducing the real 3D Compiz!

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| Although I do not think that people would be wearing funny glasses all day
| long to work on their PC, possibilities this plugin presents are quite
| exciting for gamers and everyone wanting to show off the ‘real’ 3D desktop.

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