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DVR prototype runs uClinux

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| Minsk, Belarus-based Promwad Innovation Company says it used uClinux to
| create a digital video recorder (DVR) prototype. Based on an Analog Devices
| Inc. (ADI) Blackfin BF533 DSP (digital signal processor), the "JPEG2000 DVR"
| prototype encodes images in the Motion JPEG2000 format.



Vendor of Linux-based DVR "unlocks" DRM

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| Does Microsoft's "PlaysForSure" motto really mean it plays for sure? Does
| Apple's "FairPlay" play fair? Not exactly, says Linux-based media device
| vendor, Neuros, which is promoting an "Unlocked" media trademark in response
| to branded, proprietary digital rights management (DRM) schemes. *


GAOLX808 Linux Based Software Compression DVR Card

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| GAO Tek Inc. Releases New DVR Capture Card - GAOLX808 Linux Based Software
| Compression DVR Card


Digeo Announces Pretty HD DVRs With Moxi

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| One big difference between the two will be that the Moxi Home
| Cinema Edition will be linux-based and also use AMD LIVE! Home
| Cinema reference design.


CPE STB vendor goes retail with Linux-based DVRs

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| Paul Allen's Digeo venture is perhaps best-known in the Linux
| community as the employer of Andrew Morton, Linux 2.6 maintainer
| and right-hand man to Linux creator Linus Torvalds.


Amptronix Launches Linux Mobile DVR 354 with GPS, GPRS, Motion detection and
Trigger functions, MPEG-4 high resolution for Military, Aviation, Law
Enforcement, and Transportation

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| Continuing the popularity of Amptronix Mobile DVR-310 SERIES,
| Amptronix has recently launched Mobile DVR-354 SERIES specially
| designed to meet high-end security applications in law enforcement,
| aviation, military and public transportations. Linux-embedded
| DVR-354 SERIES produces MPEG4 high resolution video at 30 fps and
| offers the most complete Alarm systems in its kinds, including
| triggered detected alarm system, motion detected alarm system,
| video loss detection and Pre/Post alarm system.


MythTV and TiVo Series 3 Comparison: Battle of Open Source and Proprietary
DVRs - Part 2

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| The verdict of the original article may have simplified the article a
| bit too much, but generally the verdict still stands once you include
| some caveats such as how you obtain your HD content. Basically a
| consumer has to get the product that works best in their environment
| so if you use CableCARDs to pull down your HD content, MythTV is not
| an option as your main DVR. With that said if you are concerned about
| the monthly and up-front costs of the Series 3 and watch OTA HD
| content, MythTV provides a wonderful and themeable menu system
| with additional features that you will never find on a TiVo.


Neugent Launches Linux DVRs with Object Detection

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| Neugent Technologies, Inc., leading developer of Linux-based digital
| video surveillance solutions, announced today the soft launch of Linux
| LX8000 SmartDetect DVRs, a set of high-grade digital video recorders
| with built-in Object Detection video analytics.


Linux DVRs detect stolen, abandoned objects

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| The LX8000-series DVRs run a Linux-based OS of an unspecified nature.


New Linux-based embedded DVRs provide excellent quality surveillance solution
to security dealers fo

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| This Linux-based embedded DVR has no software on the hard drive to
| corrupt and cannot be attacked by viruses, for maximum reliability.


Sentry Security Systems Launches Linux-based Embedded DVR

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| This Linux-based embedded DVR has no software on the hard drive to
| corrupt and cannot be attacked by viruses, for maximum reliability.
| Operation can be accomplished by IR remote controller (comparable to a
| TV or VCR), as well as by mouse, providing a comfortable "feel" for
| users with or without PC experience. In addition, these DVRs can be
| accessed remotely over the Internet or LAN. This ability to view live
| and/or recorded video from remote locations using a standard PC allows
| people to easily keep an eye on their premise(s) no matter where
| they are.


Neuros OSD Linux Media Recorder Beta

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| Fancy yourself a programmer? Well Neuros is looking for your coding help
| to make their new OSD Linux-based media appliance a video-ripping,
| YouTube playing, TCPIP media monster.

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