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Theodore Tso: How the LSB Helps You Behind the Scenes

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| Theodore Tso: So I got involved with Linux starting in 1991; I believe or at
| least Linus tells me that I'm the first North American Linux kernel
| developer. I started in late August of '91 with the Linux kernel version 0.09
| and been involved with Linux for a very long time. In 1999, I started making
| Linux my full-time job when I started working for VA Linux Systems and in
| 2001 I started working for IBM and about nine months ago I started a two-year
| assignment with the Linux Foundation so I'm still employed by IBM but they're
| letting me spend two years helping out the Linux Foundation, largely with the
| Linux standards space, but I'm also doing other things with them in terms of
| you know helping with the Kernel Summit which is now being run out of the
| Linux Foundation and all sorts of other things, but those are probably the
| two biggies.



Ext4 is now the primary filesystem on my laptop

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| Over the weekend, I converted my laptop to use the ext4 filesystem. *So far
| so good! *So far I’ve found one bug as a result of my using ext4 in
| production (if delayed allocation is enabled, i_blocks doesn’t get updated
| until the block allocation takes place, so files can appear to have 0k
| blocksize right after they are created, which is confusing/unfortunate), but
| nothing super serious yet. *I will be doing backups a bit more frequently
| until I’m absolutely sure things are rock solid, though!

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