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VCA Technology selects DaVinci(TM) technology for its leading-edge video
analytics solution

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| Second, its ARM processor supports Linux, which runs a web server for remote
| camera operation. Customers can also create their own Linux applications for
| product differentiation and added value.



Embedded Linux stack, tools support TI DaVinci

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| The LDK6446 includes Empower's LEOs (Linux embedded OS) Linux implementation,
| together with a toolchain and software development kit. *


DaVinci processors gain Linux SDIO stack

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| EmbWise has ported its Linux SDIO stack to a video-oriented Texas
| Instruments (TI) system-on-chip (SoC) processor and development board.
| SDIOWorx is now available on royalty-free terms for TI's daVinci DM6446
| processor and TI Japan's DM350 reference design, according to the
| company.


Wind River, TI team on Linux phone design

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| Wind River has joined the Texas Instruments (TI) third-party
| ecosystem, and will collaborate with TI's Dallas-based mobile
| handset division on advanced Linux and hardware/software tools
| support for TI's ARM11-based OMAP2430 smartphone processor. The
| partnership could also produce a Linux-based mobile phone
| reference design, according to Wind River.


Linux First? (at Texas Instruments)

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| Texas Instruments (TI) had one operating system at the top if its list
| when it put together support for DaVinci, its latest dual-core ARM/DSP
| OMAP line--MontaVista's Linux. In fact, TI took this support a step
| further by eliminating the need for many developers to program the DSP
| directly using tools such as TI's Code Composer Studio. Instead,
| ARM-based Linux-device drivers implement features such as codecs and
| filters by loading the matching DSP code on the second processor core
| and setting up a link between it and the ARM core.


Empower Technologies and Texas Instruments Release New Version of Linux OS

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| Empower Technologies and Texas Instruments have together released the
| latest version of Empower's LinuxDA Embedded Operating System (LEOs 2.3)
| running Linux Kernel 2.6.12


Digital video dev kits include embedded Linux

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| Texas Instruments will license and support MontaVista Linux directly, as
| part of a digital video development kit supporting its DaVinci RISC/DSP
| processors. TI's DaVinci Technology Development Kit (TDK) for digital
| video applications will also include software integration and system
| visualization technology, and is expected to ship in Q3. It targets
| IP-set top boxes, video phones, video security systems, and other
| advanced digital video applications.


Real-time Linux is way ahead for TI and Wind River

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| To this end, Texas Instruments is shipping VirtualLogix Linux at no
| cost and royalty free as part of its TMS320DM6437 DaVinci digital
| video development platform.

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