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Tinest Linux system, yet?

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| CompuLab introduced a tiny fanless PC using 4-6 Watts of power. The
| Linux-ready "Fit-PC Slim" measures 4.3 x 3.9 x 1.2 inches (110 x 100 x 30mm),
| but includes a 500MHz AMD Geode LX800, Ethernet, VGA output, WiFi, and a
| 2.5-inch hard drive option, says CompuLab.



Tips and Tricks for Linux Admins: The State of the Tiny

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| There is a distinct sub-culture in the Unix-type operating universe
| made up of gnarly old geekbeards who were raised up in the
| green-screen command-prompt era. They think X Window is for
| amateurs and any executable over 100K is bloatware. These are
| the wizened gurus who can touch-type 100 words per minute,
| remember every option for hundreds of commands, and who take
| pride at keeping antique hardware in service. Throw away an
| old 386 or 486? Never. Not when it makes a perfectly good
| firewall, printer server, Ethernet bridge, or network router.
| Keeping such antiques in service might require soldering some
| salvaged motherboard components, or re-wiring the power supply,
| or crawling through bins of spare parts to find compatible
| memory modules, but that's routine stuff for these folks.
| Me, I have a life. I like modern hardware that works without
| needing an electrical engineer to keep it going. But I also
| like the anti-bloat attitude. The great thing about Linux is it
| can be tailored to fit any hardware for any job. Linux on small
| form-factor computers fits into all kinds of useful niches in
| your network. Unlike old PCs, small form-factor computers are
| quiet, take up less space, and use a lot less power. So let's
| take a look at some of the small form-factor devices that we
| can stuff Linux into.


Tiny Linux SBC steps up to PXA270

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| On the software side, the Verdex SBC comes preinstalled with
| "the latest Linux 2.6 operating system" as well as the open
| source U-Boot bootloader, the company adds.


Italian Company Debuts Petit ARM9 CPU With Linux

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| Elpa, based in Italy, has debuted the RD129, an ARM9-based module delivered
| with Linux kernel


Tiny PowerPC SBC stack runs Linux

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| EP440xS SBC, together with a similarly-sized I/O expansion board, target
| space-constrained yet performance-hungry applications, and are supported by
| a "complete" Linux BSP, according to the company.

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