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Sun Launches New Site for Hosting Open Source Projects

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| Sun Microsystems has launched a new effort to compete with Google Code and
| various Forge sites with its beta site Project Kenai (pronounced Keen-Eye).
| According to a blog post, the site was launched quietly on Friday, and a
| primary goal of the site is to host open source projects and encourage
| collaboration on them. Project Kenai is built on Ruby on Rails, and uses
| Subversion and Mercurial version-control systems.


The double-edged sword of the economy for open source

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| When I talk to vendors, I can often tell how truly open source they are based
| on their response to the question: what has been the impact of the economy on
| your business? Those that still have a foot or more in the proprietary
| software world frequently say, ‘Well, times are tough, but we aren’t really
| seeing any impact.’ Those that are enjoying the benefits of open source
| software development, distribution and cost will typically say, ‘We think
| organizations are being forced to cut costs at the same time they are being
| forced into compliance and regulation, so it’s driving deals our way.’



Sun plans open source push

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| Sun Microsystems has thrown its weight behind this month's Software Freedom
| Day 2008 and called for firms and consumers alike to embrace open source.
| The vendor said that, as part of its sponsorship of the event on 20
| September, it is calling on the open source community and its own staff to
| cooperate in a global education programme designed to raise awareness of the
| technologies.


Sun Leads Global Mobilization of Communities Around Software Freedom Day 2008

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| Sun Microsystems, Inc. (NASDAQ:JAVA) today announced a global call to action
| for organizations and consumers to embrace open source software as part of
| its sponsorship of Software Freedom Day (SFD) on September 20, 2008. Sun is
| calling for community members and Sun employees across the world to
| participate in a global education program designed to improve awareness
| around the importance and benefits of open source technologies.

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