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Mozilla Rethinking Firefox EULA

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| After taking criticism from Linux vendors, Mozilla is now going to redo its
| end user license agreement and make it more friendly for open source.



Should Mozilla Rebrand Itself as Firefox?

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| Firefox is a massive success in Europe, but what is striking about its
| adoption is the variation from country to country. For example, in Finland it
| has a market share of over 45%, while in the UK, to its eternal shame, it is
| a pathetic 20%. How can such a huge disparity be explained?
| [...]
| Instead, the organisation formerly known as Mozilla must emphasise the
| Firefox brand as much as possible (and that of Thunderbird where relevant),
| and not confuse things by throwing in this mysterious “Mozilla” beast every
| now and then. If the people behind Mozilla *really* want to maximise the
| uptake of their browser, it would be simplest just to re-brand the entire
| organisation as "Firefox" and be done with it. That way, every action and
| every mention would be pushing out the Firefox message. But that might be
| viewed as a step too far....


Battle Brews Over Firefox In Ubuntu 8.10

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| A number of users are now disturbed over having to see this EULA as they call
| it "an irrelevant license" and that "mandating this EULA is going too far."


Firefox, the king of web browsers

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| Firefox is the perfect web browser for almost every single user. If you’re a
| basic user, you’ll be pleased by the simplicity of Firefox. If you’re an
| advanced user, you’ll be happy to discover how extensible and customizable
| Firefox is.

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