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Ten Striking Parallels Between Microsoft and John McCain

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| Microsoft and McCain: More of the Same.
| Note that this compairson is not meant to suggest Microsoft agrees with
| McCain in political issues. Microsoft has actually pulled its funding from
| the Republicans it has been primarily courting since 2000, and has recently
| been putting its cash almost exclusively behind Democrats, no doubt because
| it sees Obama winning.
| It also shouldn’t be taken to suggest approval of Microsoft by McCain’s
| campaign, nor disapproval of Linux or Apple products by McCain. In fact,
| readers have forwarded in evidence that McCain’s campaign uses Macs and
| Apple’s Keynote software to publish its presentations.
| The only real commonality is that neither Microsoft nor McCain is served by
| telling the truth, because they really have nothing to offer. And so they
| desperately try to copy those who are successful, downplay reality with
| distractions, and outright attack the truth with blatant lies.
| They can only get away with it if Americans keep buying it.



5 Ways in which Bush is like Ballmer

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| * * * No matter how much Bush screws his people, he is still
| * * * president! == No matter how much Ballmer screws his customers,
| * * * MS is still popular.
| * * * Bush talks a lot. He is able to make people see non-existent weapons. * *
| * * * == Ballmer was actually operated on for talking too much...
| * * * Bush rules his people by FUD... == Ballmer wins market
| * * * share by FUD. Telling users that Linux is communism and that open
| * * * source does not have technical support and its insecure.
| * * * Bush takes advantage of moments of grief to further his fascism... ==
| * * * Microsoft takes advantage of suffering children in developing
| * * * countries...
| * * * Bush is obsessed with national security... == Microsoft is
| * * * obsessed with a one size fits all frenzy...


McCain comes out against Net Neutrality; Says would hire Microsoft CEO Steve

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| In another move that was sure to infuriate many geeks, the 70 year
| old presidential hopeful also said that he would ask Microsoft CEO
| Steve Ballmer to serve on his cabinet to deal with technology issues
| if elected. He did not however say what position Ballmer might be
| hired in, but did joke that he might consider him for a diplomatic
| position, such as ambassador to China.



IP advisers agree U.S. patent office needs reform

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| Rai has signed a brief in the case arguing for a broad scope in what can be
| patented. But Obama co-sponsored a patent reform bill in 2007 that would have
| prohibited patents on tax-avoidance strategies, Reines noted. He suggested
| that McCain supports wide patentability on technology, including
| software. “Software is a very important industry, and Senator McCain believes
| we need to support our innovation economy critically,” Reines said.
| The McCain side didn’t take a position on business method patents.


McCain advised by software patent & tobacco lobbyists?

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| McCain is advised by pro-software patent lobbyist Ray Gifford, ex-President
| of the Progress & Freedom Foundation (a Washington 'think-tank' notably
| financed by Microsoft lobby proxy CompTIA). Gifford was speaking in a
| conference Europe about the failed software patent directive with all the
| pro-software patent lobbyists. Progress & Freedom Foundation runs the
| IPCentral blog.


McCain senior advisor Carleton Fiorina

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| But the fact is. A company that wants to invest in patent lawyers can expand
| the number of patents it holds as it likes. Just reallocate resources to the
| legal department. And HP under Carly Fiorina did that, increased the number
| of patents it applied for dramatically. But does it mean more innovation?
| [...]
| I recently noticed that SUN Microsystems announced to abandon its patent
| inflation strategy as over-patenting was not worth the investment. It is
| difficult to assess the strategic value of a mine field and you don't find
| good data how much profit is generated by patents, which patents generate
| profit or benefit for the company and which are not worth the investment. In
| most companies investments in patents follow a rule of thumb. Large holders
| seek profit with patent portfolios like hunters with a shotgun aim for a
| flock of birds.

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