Well, I've had this netbook for a few days now. I'm impressed.

I've already enabled the right click menu available on the home
screen, it's a shame that it doesn't come enabled from the factory,
but that's their marketing choice.
And I took the plunge and installed a 1Gig memory module so now my
machine has 1.5 Gig of ram. What a boost that was. The machine wasn't
too slow to begin with, but the change is noticeable. Probably has a
lot to do with the machine no longer having to use the SSD for swap.
Not sure if I want to go for the HDD conversion though. There's
apparently room for a 1.8" PATA drive, but the battery time would
surely suffer, so down the road I'm aiming to buy a 16 Gig SDHC card.

The screen is actually quite pleasant. Using my external DVD drive the
netbook actually plays movies. And as I said, this machine plays video
content from CNN, CBC, BBC and every other news source that I pay
attention to.
One tip for anyone else buying on of these machines. The SDHC slot on
the left of the machine does two functions. If you insert a SD card
into the slot while the machine is on, the card is simply accessed
like a conventional SD card. Insert the card while the machine is off
and when the machine is turned on the SD card becomes integrated into
the system memory. There's even a built in utility that allows you to
upgrade the left hand SD card.
You access this utility by going to the home screen, selecting 'Files'
and then selecting 'My Files' which brings up the Thunar file manager.
Under the file drop down you'll see "Upgrade Expansion Card" select
this and you get a little window that pops up and guides you through
the process.

I took it in to work today. Everyone who saw it loved it. The weight
of the machine is the biggest charm. The 20 second boot time was also
something that garnered a lot of comments. And the girls in the office
didn't have any problems type touching on the keyboard save for the
weird placement of the shift keys.
Open Office didn't have a single problem opening up any of the
spreadsheets that Ita gave to me for trial.
And the netbook had no problem connecting to the network at work as
should be expected of any decent modern machine.

The cpu cooling fan is the noisiest item on this machine. And at that
you have to place the vent slots right up to your ear to hear it
I definitely need to get my hands on the six cell Li-ion battery pack.
The built in web cam is quite handy.

The only complaint that I have about this machine is the touchpad.
Well not the pad so much as the mouse buttons that are located on
either side. A little annoying, but then again I've never liked the
touchpad on my Dell either. My Logitech optical wheelmouse is a hands
down improvement in this aspect.

Oh well, time for me to go.