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Free media and free software help keep you free to run your life

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| Dave Cross encourages the dependence upon proprietary software by complaining
| that the Free Software Foundation’s recent 25th birthday video should have
| been distributed in non-free formats so people could see the video.
| A surface analysis would reveal that proprietors support their own video
| formats exclusively. A deeper more significant analysis would reveal what
| users are left with after installing free and non-free software.
| [...]
| In other words, running proprietary software doesn’t result in the creation
| of more software freedom. When we run more proprietary software we start to
| think of the proprietor’s interests as an acceptable state of affairs no
| matter how much the proprietor restricts our work using our computers. We
| might even defend their onesidedness which leaves us dependent on their
| software and with no media to share. When we put in the work to fight for our
| software freedom we’re left with software that respects our freedom to share,
| modify, and use.



To: *W3C

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| This letter is the result of Nokia and Apple recent activity in order
| to change the default audio/video codecs from Ogg/Theora+Vorbis [1],[2]
| to H.264/AAC [3],[4] in the future HTML5 standard.


Nokia to W3C: Ogg is proprietary, we need DRM on the Web

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| But remember, that's not what Nokia is objecting to: they are arguing that
| Ogg is proprietary (it isn't) and that DRM should be part of a Web standard
| (it shouldn't). *


Nokia to put Microsoft PlayReady onto S60 & S40 cellphone platforms

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| Nokia is to support Microsoft's PlayReady content access technology into the
| Nokia S60 and Series 40 mobile device platforms, starting in 2008.


Mozilla, Opera look to make video on the Web easier

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| Firefox and Opera will support a new HTML tag specifically for embedding
| video in Web pages. As long as the browsers support a video's specific codec,
| or encoding method, the browsers will then be able to play the video without
| launching third-party enabling software, said Chris Double, a Mozilla
| engineer. Mozilla and Opera are also working to support the royalty-free
| video codec Ogg Theora. * *


Does your browser do video?

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| One of the many great features it sports, which will be of interest to free
| formats enthusiastics, is the multimedia elements: