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Linux Made Easy now on sale!

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| Yes, the new Special Edition of Linux Format is now available, but unlike
| previous issues, this one isn't just available in WH Smith stores - you can
| get it in all good newsagents or buy it online.


Python for Unix and Linux System Administration

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| All languages are tools: simply a means to get work done. They have value
| insofar as they help you get your job done better. So state Noah Gift and
| Jeremy Jones in Python for Unix and Linux System Administration (O'Reilly, US
| $49.99), adding, "We believe that Python is a valuable tool, specifically
| because it enables you to get your work done efficiently."



Our writing is now complete!

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| I just posted the last chapter we had left to write, Profiling and
| optimisation. Please get your comments in by the end of Tuesday, September 2!
| The response to the previous two has been excellent; we appreciate your help
| and careful reading.
| With that chapter posted, we draw over 15 months of intensive writing to a
| close. I am very proud of our work. It has been a pleasure to work with John
| and Don on the manuscript, and Mike has been a great editor. The interest and
| participation of our readers has made writing this book a uniquely rewarding
| experience, so we thank you all for your encouragement and help.
| [...]
| How has our system of open, incremental development worked out? In my
| estimation, it has been a fantastic success, far overwhelming my
| expectations.
| * ** We have received 7153 comments so far.
| * ** That’s an average of 1.73 comments per paragraph.
| * ** The usual number of technical reviewers for a technical book is 2.
| * ** 748 people have commented so far on our drafts.


The World Wide Textbook

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| A new project aims to develop low-cost, open-source textbooks for use
| in the developing world
| [...]
| Each of the proposed open-source books has an editor-in-chief
| responsible for putting together a chapter outline and rough
| description, and ensuring that the text comes together in a
| cohesive manner.

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