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What They're Using: Michael Anti and His Eee PC

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| Michael Anti is an engineer and journalist whose work has appeared in the New
| York Times, Huaxia Times, 21st Century World Herald, Washington Post,
| Southern Metropolis Daily and Far and Wide Journal. He has been a researcher,
| a columnist, a reporter, a war correspondent in Baghdad (in 2003) and more—
| and achieved notoriety in 2005 when Microsoft deleted his blog. Today, he is
| best known for his landmark work on press freedom in China—efforts that have
| earned him a Wolfson press fellowship at Cambridge University and Nieman
| Fellowship at Harvard University.
| It was at a Harvard meeting where I noticed that Michael was using an ASUS
| Eee PC, with exceptional ease and enthusiasm. Turns out, it's one he bought
| from Amazon. It came new with Knoppix, but then he "cracked" it to do more
| than ASUS expects of ordinary users (for example, expanding windows to a full
| screen). I was impressed by how rapidly he typed on the keyboard.



Linux Install 101, or How I Helped Build Refurbished Linux PCs for
Disadvantaged Schoolchildren at LinuxWorld 2008

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| I hooked up all the required keyboard, mouse, monitor, ethernet and power
| cables and fired it up, then popped in a special Linux boot CD and restarted
| it. The machine quickly booted to the CD, allowed me to begin an install of
| Xubuntu 8.04 — they use this version for PCs containing less than 512MB of
| RAM — and got underway. After clicking through a few simple screens, for
| things like installing the network drivers and choosing a hard drive on which
| to install the operating system, I was done in about 30 minutes. Also
| available for installation are several other OSes, including Ubuntu Linux
| 8.04 for better-equipped machines, Edubuntu 8.04 and its education-aimed
| special features, and Kubuntu 8.04 and its K Desktop Environment user
| interface.



The Road from Windows - Time for change

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| Having switched from Outlook to Thunderbird for email, it makes sense to
| consider Thunderbird's Lightning plugin for my calendar.

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